Saturday, June 30, 2007

We got new pics of our boy!

Just wanted to share the new pictures we received today of Gabriel. He is just adorable, isn't he? I think this is what Zach and I really needed to get alleviate some of the angst we've been feeling about the trip. He is getting so big! We didn't get any information yet about his 3 mth check-up. I'm hoping he had one or that he will this week. I want to know how much he weighs.

Friday, June 29, 2007

11 days until we hold Gabriel!

Yup, we're going to Guatemala for a visit. We got approval from our agency, the attorney's and the CG. We are filled with so many emotions about it I think we're more overwhelmed than anything. People keep asking if I'm excited and I am, but I'm also scared, nervous, anxious, worried... I think there are so many emotions running rampant that I don't feel anything, almost like it's not real. I feel guilty about that, but I can't seem to change it either. Is this normal?

We had to go buy lots of stuff for the trip since we have to be prepared for the foster mom to only bring formula, although she will likely bring more. $300 at Walmart later I think we are almost done. Kids are expensive! We had to get several brands of bottles b/c we don't know what kind he likes or will be willing to use, and clothes and diapers and medicines and and and. Whew....I wasn't expecting that much, but it's all worth it. I got a diaper bag that will work when we only have one at a time, but will need a bigger one for both of them.

Little girl is definitely alive and well in the belly. She gets herself in some mighty uncomfortable (for mommy) positions which has been making it hard to sleep. She seems to favor the lower right side of my belly making me look lopsided. It's pretty funny. Ok, so just because I said that she is moving her little legs around my mid-tummy and left side. She's so clever, that little one of mine. We're starting to see her on the outside more, but not all the time yet. Zach has started to be able to tell where her head and butt are by pushing around on my belly and feeling her move from side to side. It's pretty funny. It seems like she is RIGHT up under the skin too.

I've changed a lot over the past few weeks. I've got a couple pictures. The first is from June 8th at 21 weeks. Looks like I'm saying, "Hey, how did that happen? Who put that there?" or as Zach likes to say, "OH, so THAT'S where I put all the donuts!" He's so funny.

The other is from last night. We went to a going away/thank you party for Erin L. - the social worker who wrote our homestudy. She leaves on the ferry tonight for their new duty station. There were about 5 families there who she has helped form. There could have easily been a LOT more than that, but it was kind of put together at the last minute so not everyone knew about it. It was really neat.

It's been beautiful for the past few days...thank you, God... so we went out on the back deck for my 24 week pictures. I can't believe I'm 24 weeks already! Time has flown by so fast. It seemed like it was going to take forever in the beginning, but now it seems like it's going too fast almost. I'm starting to get the lower back/hip pain and just the pain from the Princess getting into these uncomfortable positions.

I think it's funny though. If you look in the archives at some of the pictures of me from a year ago, my face is so much thinner now than it was then. I am still lighter than I was a year ago too. That won't last too much longer, but it seems like all my baby weight (so far at least) is all in the belly. Makes it kinda hard on my maternity clothes though b/c most of them are too big for me still. I feel like I wear the same thing all the time. It's ok though.

We have new neighbors, Becca and Jason (see links). They got here last week on the ferry with Fred, the dog. He's so sweet. We took the dogs to White Sands Beach on Monday and had a great time. The dogs played in the water. Snowflake and Morgan were even let off their leashes and did really good about not venturing off too far. I think it helps that we were there with another dog and there was only so far they could go b/c of the water.

Ok, hope you are all well. We love you all very much. Mom, thanks for rubbing it in that you were looking out over P'cola Beach from a condo. Appreciate that, really.
Ok, just wanted to share this video with you too. It's SO funny and made Zach and I get tears in our eyes from laughing so hard. We can't wait for this!