Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gabriel's big boy haircut and more

Shocker, I know. It's only been 10 days since my last post! Whatever are we going to do? I know....enjoy pictures!
I'm pretty sure Gabriel was long overdue for a haircut. He was looking a little wild. I think it was driving him crazy too; he would pull at his hair a lot. He doesn't any more.
I took him to my hairdresser, Alex. She is the only one I will trust with my hair. Her partner, Dana, is also very good to my friends, but Alex is my girl. Her son is a few months older than Gabriel, so she had some of his toys in her salon. Gabriel saw the car and was done for. He was SUCH a good boy. He just sat there and let her go at it. He wiggled a little, but not much. I was so proud of him. Donavyn just sat and played on the floor like a good girl so I could take pictures since Zach couldn't be there.

Here is our big boy all cleaned up! We had her give him a faux-hawk. It's short on the sides and longer in the center so we can stick his hair up. He's so funny. When we do his hair, he doesn't mess with it at all. We can also just leave it down and you can't tell he can have the punk rock do. We met Abbie and Jack at the Fly By (our kid friendly coffeeshop) and the kids had a great time playing in their kids corner. Jack is such a good boy and likes to play with Gabriel. There weren't many people there (and no other kids) so they got a lot of attention.

He's been scratching his tongue on his teeth for a while now and it just cracks me up. I finally caught him. I've tried to get this shot for a few weeks to no avail...until now.
Here's the princess playing at her table. Don't you just love her legwarmers? They are so cute! We have about 6 pair for the two of them. We can just let them go around the house in tees or onesies with their legwarmers on and it makes diaper changing go so much faster. And they are just cute. We also have black with white bones (see below), black with red flames, black and red stripe, white with different colored hearts all over (think 70's sweaters), and brown, beige and blue argyle (minus the stitching through the diamonds).
Gabriel LOVES music and loves to play his little piano. I am thinking about getting him a little keyboard.

The 4th of July was a rainy day, so the fireworks were canceled. We still had our cook out (or cook in I guess you could say) over at Becca and Jason's. The Anderson's (our new neighbors), Culver's and another couple (sorry I can't remember their names) and another new guy to Kodiak (sorry again) came too. We had a great time. Both kids sported their American pride. Gabriel got to wear his new raingear for the first time. Yup, it's pirates, Arrrrggggg. It's big for him now, but should fit him for a couple years (the jacket anyway). He was excited about being outside for the first time in a few days and kept spinning in circles looking up at the rain. It wasn't raining too hard, but little raindrops kept landing on his face and he loved it. Oh, the hood on the jacket even has an eye patch! Too cute! And isn't his mohawk adorable?!?

The kids enjoyed playing in Fred's toys. Why we bother taking the kids toys over, I don't know. They'd rather play with his.
Daddy had just walked in the living room and Gabriel wanted his dada. He is definitely daddy's little boy.
He just wanted a little snuggle.

Here we are all out in the garage while Jason braves the elements to light some fireworks in the cul de sac. I was really glad I stayed in the garage, it got a bit harried for a bit.
See the pretty fireworks? Yeah, picture this only going out a lot more and blowing up wrong and REALLY LOUD and you will maybe get close to picturing the boom that preceded the following picture. We were all scared by that one. We thought Jason was going to get blown up. He didn't though. Dan (our firefighting neighbor) came over with some of his fireworks and they got down to some serious fireworks. Donavyn and I went inside with Abbie, Jack and Becca.

Jack did NOT like the noise. They went in right after this and watched from the front window.

The kids really enjoyed it though for the most part. They couldn't take their eyes off them at least. Perhaps it was the trianwreck syndrome just can't help but watch as disaster strikes. Just pickin' on you, Jason!
Just before Donavyn and I went inside Zach found this C130 headset and put it on Gabriel to protect his ears. He loved them. He's daddy's little co-pilot.
Donavyn and I enjoying the show.
Our boy got so worn out he just passed out in daddy's arms.