Friday, October 26, 2007

Land of the midnight sun no more.... it's the land of the late morning moon. Ok, so it won't quite make it to a noon moon, as we are too far south still, but still.

This was taken at around 9 am this morning. I took the girls (the four legged ones) outside and saw how beautiful it was and had to snap a few pictures.

Don't forget there is another new post that I made last night.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our girl is ONE MONTH OLD!!!

I can't believe Donavyn is a month old already! On one hand it seems like she was just born yesterday and on the other it's like she has always been here. Please, someone, anyone tell me she'll stop growing. That she will always stay tiny. I love to just cuddle with her. It's so amazing to see the changes she is going through every day. She is really starting to respond to loud noises (read: when the dogs bark after being quiet for a long time) and she is following me with her eyes more too. She can hold her head up and is such a strong little girl.

Here she is with her daddy on the 19th...the day she was supposed to be born.

This was tonight. Zach had to give his princess a one month birthday kiss. Doesn't it look like she's saying, "Dad, please! Ugh..." Nah, just kidding, honey. She loves her daddy.

Here are two of our girls. They were napping with Zach on the couch. Aren't they cute?

Aww...sleepy baby. Thank you Grandma and Pawpaw Aunt Dee (oops...sorry about that!) for this outfit! It's so comfy!

We had the annual OSA auction on Saturday night. I donated this cake stand with some homemade caramel apples. The sticks were picked up that morning at Fort Abercrombie. I was so excited, it went for $85. The money raised goes to SO many great causes including Santa to the Villages (see pictures from mid-December of last year) and many other local charities. I had to take a picture and thought it was pretty enough to share.

Ok, it's late, I need to get to bed. Love you all!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week of Firsts!

This was a week of firsts for our little girl. Last Sunday was Donavyn's first Sunday at church. The pants were/are huge on her, but she still looked adorable - everyone told us so (not that we really needed to be told). The sweater fit perfectly though. Our friend Bronwyn got this for little miss before we headed to Anchorage. Of course, right in the middle of church I had to get up to change little miss stinky pants (and boy did it stink too). The blanket she is sitting on was made by my Aunt Linda for Gabriel. I'm sure he won't mind if his little sister uses it every once in a while though.

Donavyn also had her first real bath on Wednesday. She seems to really like it too. She is so calm and relaxed when she is in there. After bath is momma/Donavyn time. I love to snuggle with her while she's in her towel and then put lotion on her. We don't have a chair in the nursery for me to sit in, so we have been sitting on the floor. I've been using one of my old baby blankets to put on the floor and we play on that. She's really starting to notice more and stay awake longer. Of course, she likes to be awake when momma and daddy want to sleep, but what should we really expect, huh?

Yesterday, the 4H club held a Harvest Fest/Pumpkin patch at the fairgrounds. We grabbed Becca and made it out to find that all the pumpkins were gone! Bummer. We wanted a picture of our pumpkin with some pumpkins. Yeah, I know...cheesy, but that's me! We did get to see a horse though. The owner is really nice. She does therapeutic horse training with developmentally challenged children. By the time we got to the horses, she had moved her into a stall because she (the horse) had been around children all day and was tired. As soon as the owner saw us looking at the horse, she stopped in the middle of a conversation with someone else and said, "Is that a baby? Come over here!" When Zach mentioned that we were hoping to get our picture made with the horse, she led her back out and let us. When she found out Pops is a ferrier, she said he could come work on her horses any time he wanted. So, Pops, you've got a job if you want one from the sound of it!
The rest of the pictures are just for fun. Donavyn likes to rock on! She is so much fun to play with! She's like a little doll and we can mover her around any way we want. She makes some pretty cute faces on her own too though. She really likes to have her hands near her face, but she doesn't really suck on her fingers too much unless she is hungry.
Isn't this outfit cute? Abbie sent us some outfits this week! We love them!

We had two Dr's appointments this week. Monday was the first one and she had gained 4.2 oz just over the weekend. Friday we had another and she was up another 7 oz! Just a few days and she gained half a lb! Dr. Walters couldn't believe it. She walked in and started snorting and said we've got a little porker now! Not quite, seeing as she's just now only 6 lbs, but we're working on it! She has fuller cheeks now and looks healthier.

Little hands....she even clasps them together at times. It's really cute...she's really cute!
And her little feet. She does like to have her legs crossed. Her legs are starting to straighten out now too from being curled up in the womb. She's going to be SO tall, just like her daddy.
Speaking of Daddy...he sure does love his little girl. He's so good. He loves feeding her and walking her out on the deck. We gave her a bottle for the first time last night. It's taking some time for her to get used to it, and she's just not eating much today, but this is going to be so much better for us. Sorry this got so long. I got carried away. Hope you all enjoy the pictures!

Be praying for us too. Things in Guatemala are slowing down right now and we're a little concerned. We want our boy home. When I was still pregnant things seemed to be going so fast. Now that we have our little girl home things seem to be going slower. Maybe it's because we are seeing how much we have already missed of his life, but nonetheless, it's slow. Please be praying that we get a call soon!

Saturday, October 06, 2007


That's the word of the day around this house lately. Beth and I have been doing absolutely nothing and enjoying every minute of it!! We're finally settling into a routine and now are just fine tuning it. We're feeding Donavyn about every 2-3 hours and she's started waking up when she's hungry, which is a very good sign because before we were having to wake her up. She was 5 lbs 14 oz when she was born and then went down to 4 lbs 15 oz (all babies lose weight but this is too much!!) We started really feeding her a lot to try to get her weight back up and that really tired us out but she's back up to 5 lbs 5 oz as of her last weight check. We'll go in on Monday to see how much she's gained over the weekend. The only time she really cries is when she gets her diaper changed because she's got a wicked diaper rash right now. Other than that we've been sleeping whenever we can. Beth and I are tag-teaming feedings right now with one of us taking one night feeding and the other taking the other one. That way we both are getting quite a bit of sleep. HOORAY!!!
One more factor to our getting more sleep has been the wonderful friends that have been bringing us dinner every night. Between the Officer's Spouses Association and Coastie Chicks we have been eating like kings and the best part is we aren't having to cook and therefore don't have to clean up afterwards!!! We've made meals before for other people who've had new babies but never realized how much of a help it really is. You have no idea!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Circle of Life...

Isn't she precious!!! Well it's been almost a week now and we're still surviving. Actually I'd say we're more than surviving...we're thriving. Yes Beth and I are a little tired but that comes with the territory. Nobody told me our house would turn into a disaster area though. I was expecting a little disarray but nothing prepared me for this.

We did hit one little hiccup. Donavyn was a little jaundiced this weekend so we had to take her back to the hospital. We did get our room back though, the room we were in when this little adventure called parenthood all started, room 19, Providence Hospital. One more stay there and we get our name on the door.

Anyway we stuck her under the lamps and 24 hours later she was right as rain!!! Beth and I entertained ourselves making Star Wars references to carbonite freezing chambers and Storm-Troopers.

Look at her goggles and tell me she couldn't be working for the Empire!!

Here by special request is a foot picture. We love you!!!