Monday, June 30, 2008

The Month in Review

Ok, once again, I'm a lazy bum and didn't get to this sooner. I blame the kids and the constant whirlwind they cause around here. There is always something going on, especially since it's summer in Kodiak, which calls for a LOT of being outdoors and not so much being inside on the computer. YAY!

May 28

Gabriel likes to sit on the porch to eat his afternoon snack.

What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?

Went to Griffin's for a fire pit and my boys jumped on the trampoline.

Gabriel was a tired boy, but he loves to swing.

His first smore

Snugglin' with momma

May 29

Peek a boo, I see you!
June 4

Playing in the cabinet

Cheesy pose with momma

I'll let you out, Snowflake!
June 6

I think we have one like this from when G was just 3 1/2 months old.

Eat my finger, Daddy!
June 7: National Trails Day

Just one of the reasons I love it here. There is water on the opposite side of those trees as well, you just can't see it very well in the picture.

Don't the kids look thrilled?

Just chillin'.

Gabriel is now the ultimate flirt. Here is he winking at me. Look out girls! I've got a lady killer.

June 11

Our first family trip to the touch tank. I see a lot more visits in our future. Gabriel loved watching the fish and crab in the aquarium.

Melissa and her brood joined us.

G loves to be chased and Eli love to chase him.

June 15: Father's Day

For Father's Day we joined a lot of friends at a local beach for a bonfire. Offroading to get to the site. Turned out to be the wrong one though, so we had to back out and go to the next area. Oh well, it was fun anyway.

Notice the directions say to assemble on a hard level surface.

Hey, guys? Can you read directions? Hmm...

Having fun.

She loves rocks. One day that will change to the clear, shiny kind.

Our setup

The boys cookin' dinner. It was delicious.

I think they are in two different seasons. They had fun though.

Gabriel kept trying to eat the rocks.

Princesses at play

Bronwyn gave Donavyn some salmon jerky for teething. She LOVED it!

Aww...aren't we sweet? This was our potty spot. heh. Seriously.

Love this picture of them. And yes, Becca does always have her camera around her neck.

The boys headed off for a walk. We women followed along.
June 16

Little miss has her first tooth

What a cutie.
June 23

Jesse, Abbie and Jack arrived on the ferry! YAY! Too bad I don't have any pictures of that. I was too busy catching up.

We love the monkey on his back. That way he can walk around and not get too far away. And it doesn't look like a leash.

Gabriel had fun chasing after the big kids. This is Sagan, she lives down the street and her daddy works with Zach.

June 25

Mean momma was trying not to let her eat it.

See the marks on the paper? I obviously failed.
June 29

She likes to chase me, calling for "ma-mam". Yup, mamam was her first word! Yippee skippy!

June 30

She's almost walking, too.