Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Gabriel and Happy Easter Everyone!

Ok, so the title is long, but I had to get it all in there. This first pic is out of chronological order, but he's the boy of the day, so deal with it! I can't believe he's ONE! We just wish Daddy were here to help us celebrate. So, we really didn't celebrate. He doesn't know he's 1, so what's it really matter? We'll have a birthday party when Daddy gets back home. Doesn't he just look adorable? This is right before going to Becca and Jason's for Easter dinner (caribou roast, salad, green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole...yummy). This outfit is from Aunt Becca, with the jacket from Aunt Dee.
This is Donavyn the day Daddy was due to come home. He is the boyfriend in reference. Isn't this just the cutest shirt? I had it paired with a pair of Gabriel's jeans. I can't believe she's growing up so fast! Oh, and Zach had/has to stay another week since someone got hurt and can't fly now. Bummer.
We went for a walk by ourselves Wednesday! It was the first time we took the Bob out and it was GREAT! Very cold though, but we made it on the long walk.
We put Miss D in the walker for the first time and Gabriel decided he needed to show her how it works. They had so much fun and it didn't take her long to figure out how to go backwards. She did go forward a few times, but I think that was accidental more than anything. Too bad I didn't have the camera downstairs when they first got started.

Gabriel has so much fun with mirrors. (See below also.) He was giving himself high fives. What a cutie!
Unfortunately this is the only picture I got this day. He pulled the mirror over and it caught on the wall just before pinning him to the ground. It didn't hit him, but it scared him pretty good. Momma learned a lesson. Then that night he threw a fit and hit his face on the coffee table, resulting in an ER visit because he knocked his front two teeth back up into his gums.
The next day he acted just fine. In fact, he was playing in the ER waiting for the Dr. He didn't want anyone touching his mouth though...understandably. I just noticed that BOTH his teeth on the opposite sides of his middle top are coming through, or trying to at least. I knew his right one was, but blowing this pic up I realized the left one is too. Teething stages are so fun, aren't they? Donavyn is teething too, but no teeth yet. I'm SO not ready for this!
First Easter pic (there are lots just so ya know). Is this bunny for ME? The Easter bunny knows him well. He got this stuffed bunny holding a soccer ball, a rubber Tonka truck (just the size for his little hands) and the book No No Yes Yes. I think the Easter Bunny knew Gabriel needs to learn not to eat out of the dog bowls since there is a picture of that as a No No. Mommy likes the Easter Bunny especially well for bringing him this book. Don't worry Nana, the Easter Bunny left a note for me to wait until Daddy got home to give him the rest of it!

Donavyn was waiting patiently, and not to mention oh-so-cutely for her turn. Nana sent this adorable dress for Easter. The cardigan came from Aunt Becca (you'll see the rest of the outfit that matches it later).
Ok, so this is the only one I got of them with Gabriel not trying to hit or push Donavyn. Who knew it would start this soon? Though, I'll take it since Gabriel also will go up to Donavyn to kiss or play with her. Too bad I don't have the camera ready at those times, huh?

Gabriel is checking out Donavyn's basket. I think he thinks the ball is for him. Good thing D is such a good sharer. She got a book, ball and stuffed bunny.
They were both going after the grass.
Just before getting ready for bed. She loves the "My First Easter" bunny that the Easter Bunny left for her!

Having fun playing with the grass. I have some of him trying to eat it too, but I couldn't upload them all.

Unfortunately this is the best of the two pics I have left of the three of us. I accidentally deleted the best one. Hmph. I'm so bummed about that b/c it was a good one of the kids and decent of me. Oh well. I've got my arm up b/c I'm trying to get Donavyn to look at Grandma who is taking the picture.

Speaking of Grandma. After Gabriel went down for a nap, Donavyn played in Grandma's lap and then slept there for a while. Unfortunately for Grandma, when she woke up we all realized that Donavyn had leaked through her diaper and right onto Grandma's lap. Luckily Grandma's used to being around babies and didn't mind. Grandma has that special touch to get her to sleep too, that Mommy just wishes she had!

Oh, and I DO have other pictures of Grandma and Pawpaw, but they are on another memory card and I keep leaving it downstairs, so I'll upload them at some point. And I have some GREAT ones of Pawpaw with both kids, but I think they are on Mom and Dad's camera since I can't seem to find them on mine. I'll get those before they leave too.

These are the birthday presents from Grandma and Pawpaw (and the truck from EB). He couldn't seem to decide which to play with so he kept going back and forth. It was adorable. We'll do the cake tomorrow. He was cranky and tired by the time we got home from J and B's. I don't think he'll mind. Sunday's are just so busy.
And I finally caught him standing. This is how he gets himself up. He's almost walking, but not quite. Maybe his first true steps will be to his Daddy when he sees him when he comes home soon.

And here's that last shot of Donavyn in the rest of the outfit to match the cardigan from Aunt Becca. Too cute! I tell ya, she lays JUST like her Daddy.

Hope you all had a very happy Easter, spent with family and friends.

Friday, March 14, 2008

We miss you, honey!

This is for Zach mainly. There won't be much (if any) commentary. It's after midnight and I've been fighting with the laptop to load and shrink pics to upload here. Maybe I'll come back and give commentary tomorrow, but we'll see. Either way, enjoy the pics.

Honey, we love and miss you so much. We wish you were home. Only 5 days left now! I can't wait. You are the best husband and father to our children. We are all so blessed to have you. Please fly safely while you are away. You and J keep each other out of too much trouble. You are almost home. I'll try to get the video done tomorrow. I'm tired of fighting the computer.

I love you!
The night before Daddy left.

Mommy loves kissing me...and documenting it too.

Like father, like daughter.

Our sick baby. This was before we headed to the hospital for a few days. If you didn't know about this, I'm sorry. I haven't called to let anyone know. I answered calls, but didn't make them. I apologist. I wanted to focus on getting Donavyn better. She was admitted Monday (after an ER visit Saturday night/Sunday morning) for a kidney infection/dehydration/UTI. She is better now and we got home Wednesday around 10 am. She is MUCH better. We will have to go to Anchorage for an x-ray on her kidneys to make sure there isn't an anatomical reason for the infection since she is so young. The doc wants to rule out a reflux problem which could cause her a lot of problems in the future if she does have this issue and it goes unresolved. I'm so thankful my mom and dad were here to help. They were able to stay with Gabriel (who did GREAT with them by the way) while I was with Donavyn.

Zach's Aunt Vivian sent the kids some her no less... sock monkeys. I am so excited about them. I was actually looking in to buying some for them when we got the package. As you can see, Gabriel enjoyed the packaging for a while. Snowflake looks confused, doesn't she?
Gabriel testing out the texture of the monkey. He loves to feel all sorts of textures.

Donavyn just had to love on hers too. Aunt V, these are just the best. Thank you SO much! We love them! I love the detail you put in, with their initials and they are stuffed so well!

Eyes of Wonder

I'll let you back inside, doggies!

We went for a walk today with Becca and Fred. We can't wait until Donavyn can go with us too!

Here was our view today as we walked along Spruce Cape. It was gorgeous! This is the second day this week we got to have a nice walk. Hopefully Becca will keep me on top of this walking thing. I think the kids would really enjoy it.

Hopefully we'll get some good pictures tomorrow. It's supposed to be mostly sunny again, but we'll see. If it is, I plan on taking Mom and Dad out to see some of the sites. I'm not sure exactly where we'll go, possible White Sands and Abercrombie. I may take them to walk along the pier at Near Island too. We'll see. I know I said I would narrate tomorrow, but of course I went ahead and did it tonight. We all know that if I didn't, it wouldn't have gotten done.

Love you all!