Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

Just wanted to take a moment to say Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there. Especially the 3 extra special ones in my life.

First, my dad. Thank you for always being there and for supporting me. I know I didn't always make that easy, but even when you didn't agree, you still let me know that you love and support me. That means a lot. I remember running up to you when you would come home from work and walking backwards on your feet as you went from the kitchen to the den and sitting in your lap (probably driving you crazy) while you read the paper and watched the news - at the same time. I love you, Dad!

Second, Pops. Zach isn't here to share any of his feelings or thoughts, but I know that he respects you more than anyone in the world. You always worked hard to provide for your family. He often talks about the big camping trip you did and he hopes to re-create that with our kids one day. Thank you for raising him (along with OM - other mother for those that are curious) to treat people with gentleness and kindness. Love ya, Pops!

Finally, the love of my life, the holder to the key to my heart, and wonderful father to our children. Zach, you are amazing. You are right in the thick of it with me. Not all women can say that, but I can. You are right there beside me changing diapers, bathing kids, disciplining when necessary, and loving and playing with the kids. Thank you for being my rock. I wish you were home today so that we could take care of you. You spend so much time taking care of the rest of us that you don't get pampered. We'll make it up to you. We love you very much and I am SO blessed that God chose you to live life with me and to raise kids up in Him. I could go on, but I'll stop.