Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome to the World, Max!

Our friends Scott and Shana's baby was born on November 29 at 11:11 am and weighed 9 lbs 6 oz. He's just adorable, isn't he? I think Donavyn has a little boyfriend. I can't wait to see him. Hopefully we'll be able to see one another soon with three added kids to the mix.

We got word that the 2nd DNA test results are back. He's the same baby that took the first DNA test...shocker. But Sonya told me that PINK usually comes 2 - 2 1/2 weeks after those results come back. So I've been searching for flights that leave Christmas day just in case. Luckily I realized that Continental flies from Anchorage to Guatemala with just one layover in Houston. I hope that we can get tickets on that flight. I think there is only one per day.

I'll have to upload pics to the laptop (I'm on the desktop right now and it's driving me crazy not allowing me to upload right now. For some reason it isn't recognizing the camera. Ugh.)

Ok, anyway....hopefully I'll get those up today or tomorrow. More likely tomorrow since Zach goes to work in a bit and he takes the laptop with him.

Oh, and just to give everyone a laugh. You've got to see this video. This is the BEST first wedding dance I've ever seen!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Very Thankful

We have so much to be thankful for this year! One year ago, we thought we may never get pregnant and were starting to look for an adoption agency. Who knew that one year later, not only would we have the call that our son was just about ready to come home from Guatemala, but we have a beautiful little girl. God has always given blessings, but this year I feel more blessed than ever.
We are still waiting for the email telling us when our Embassy appointment is, but we will only have 6-10 days to plan and get ready to go. This is going to happen fast. And the sooner, the better. We are ready for Gabriel to come home.
Thanksgiving morning was spent taking care of a sick dog. Snowflake must have gotten into something, b/c she was sick all night and morning. We spent at least an hour trying to clean the carpets. We're going to probably hire the local carpet cleaner to come deep clean next week.

Thanksgiving dinner was spent with our wonderful friends Jason and Becca. We have been truly blessed with the friends God has placed in our lives, just since May. Jason & Becca (and Fred) and Aaron & Melissa (and the kids of course) have become more than friends. They are our family now. We had a fabulous dinner that included our favorites, antipasto appetizer and a fried turkey. Apparently, it's Dorval tradition for the turkey to have a last flight.

We had a TON of food. I swear, I think we could have fed an army.

After dinner Melissa and the kids came for dessert. Unfortunately Aaron had to work, so he wasn't able to be there. (Hey, guys, I think this is where the blogs meld.) Check out Becca and Jason's blog for a group pic. I don't have a copy yet. The kids played Wii (and I'm talking about the grown boys too) and climbed Jason like a tree. Hmm....we've been working on getting the house ready for a crawler. YIKES!!! I can't believe he's coming home.

Oh, yeah, Donavyn went for her 2 month well baby check today. She is now 22" long and 10 lbs 10 oz. Her head measures just under 15.25". She is getting so big! Here are some pics. Love you all!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Donavyn's Big Announcement!!!

Yup...that's right! We got "the call"! We are OUT of PGN! WOOHOO!!!! Sonya called at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon and asked if we were ready to have our boy home. Man, are we?!? Of course Zach was at work and wouldn't be back until today, but I caught him before he took off for a flight and he was happy too! We don't know the exact dates that we will be gone, but it should be between 4-8 weeks from now.

I'm sorry I haven't updated lately. It's been crazy and then we have been re-arranging furniture and misplaced our camera connector to transfer pics onto the computer, but Zach found it yesterday, just in time.

I'll put up more pics later, but Miss D is crying and Zach is on his way home and I'm not feeling 100% (probably all that screaming I did last night). I'm so glad Becca and Jason were home so that I could get a hug and have someone to scream with me! Thanks guys!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Only Treats this year!

Happy (belated) Halloween to all of you! I tried to post last night, but wasn't able to get my pictures to load and didn't want to come without the good stuff - lest I be lashed out against. So, here it is!

Before we get to Donavyn's pictures, I just want to share that we got Gabriel's October medical report. As of Monday, our boy weighs 17 lbs and is 27 inches long! I can't believe it! He's getting so big now! He has two teeth now and is eating solids. And of course he's sitting up on his own too. I can't believe he is 7 months already. Will you all be praying fervently that we get a call within the next week? Every month we get new pictures, we fall more in love and yet our heart breaks a little more also b/c he is not here with us. We want Gabriel and Donavyn to be together and we want our family complete - until we decide to have more kids. Ok, so here are his pictures...

He's getting so big!
He looks like he's just amazed by something...
I remember getting pictures when he didn't even fill up this scale!
Sitting up so big and tall!
Zach had duty for Halloween, so he didn't have to go in until the afternoon, which allowed us to go for a walk. We took her out for the first time in a stroller. She seemed to like it until we got to the really pothole-y part. She was just jibber-jabbering and then fell asleep and started talking again. It was so cute.
We dressed her up as a chili pepper during the day. Doesn't she just look so cute? Of course, Zach had to keep making silly comments that she must be chilly - get it? chilly? (yeah, he said it). He's a goob, but he's cute and I think I'll keep him.
Then after her bath I put her in her BOO outfit with the cat hat and socks Aunt Dee (I got it right this time!) sent. They were a little big, but she looks SO cute. Of course, I'm a little biased, but she is, right?
I tried putting the hat on before the bath, but she was tired of me getting up and down with the trick or treaters and messing up her feeding and taking so many darn pictures. Oh well, she better get used to it! I'll be taking her picture for a looong time.
Oh, and she just loves her swing, which is where she's chillin' here in this one.
This last one is what she went to have lunch with Daddy in at work the other day. Fitting, no? I'm glad she'll be able to wear it for a while. One day soon we'll take her up there in it and have pictures made with her daddy in front of a 60.
Ok, that's enough for now. Happy Harvest! Enjoy November and remember to be thankful for all you are blessed with, I know we have plenty to be thankful for. Please remember to pray for Gabriel's quick arrival home too! Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers!