Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Picture Update

Things have been understandably crazy around the house lately so we haven't been able to do an update lately. Beth's parents arrived this morning so with a few extra hands around an update is now possible. Isn't our little girl simply adorable!!! We've been taking a lot of pictures lately and captured the picture below. Even though he's sad we really like this one because it shows so much emotion.
Sad little boy. Actually I think he's in pain because his two top teeth finally came in and that on top of being up way past his bedtime made this picture.

Snowflake decided that she wanted to take a nap with Donavyn. Aren't they cute!!!

Gabriel learned how to open the Cheerio's!!
I surprised Beth for her birthday with authentic Guatemalan Jade that I smuggled home without her knowing. *sneaky sneaky*

We had Griffin's over for dinner one night and King Castle Peach wanted to hold Princess Donavyn.

Gabriel loves to smear his food into his hair during meal times!!

Another one of his favorite past-times is taking off his pants and throwing them with wild abandon!! Takes after his Daddy.

I don't care what anybody says, we made one cute kid!!! And if you don't think so then reference the below picture!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Zach's Weekend Rescue

Hi everyone. I'm sorry we've been bad about updating. I'm hoping to get some pics and possibly some video uploaded in the next day or two, but wanted to share what Zach (and Jason) did this weekend.

for the story and a video (you have to click the video link on the left side of the article) about the boat that capsized right behind our house on Saturday.

In this picture you can see how close they really were to the house. Mary took these as she was outside playing in the snow with her son, Josh.

Here's another article and another from the first responders (locals who saw the boat and tried to help). In it they say the family of the deceased man is blaming the CG for slowing things down. As you might imagine, I'm really burned up about this. This man shouldn't have taken off that morning with the weather being the way it was and his decision put my husband's life in danger as well as everyone else involved with the case.

Because they were right behind the house I could hear them all too well, but couldn't see them since they were below the trees. I stood by the sliding glass door most of the time listening to make sure they were ok. I didn't like them doing that rescue so close because I was listening and knew that if something were to happen I was going to hear it. I know Zach is a fabulous pilot and I trust Jason just as much as I do Zach and know he's a great pilot as well, but things happen that are beyond control. The weather was horrible that day and anywhere else it would have been considered a hurricane because of the winds. The snow had been coming down very hard and I can't imagine what the waves were doing.

Anyway....I'm glad not everyone feels the way this family does. And I can completely understand their grief. The Old Believer community has had a rough year and it's only the middle of February, but to blame the CG....hmm...

Ok, Gabriel wants some attention from his momma, so I need to go. I'll try to post pics soon. I know, I keep saying that, huh?

ETA: I found this through the blog network of Kodiak. It's a video taken from Mill Bay Beach by a witness to the rescue.