Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I've created a monster!!!

I finally broke down and took Beth out shooting with our good friends Devin and Stefanie. It was the first time she'd ever shot a gun before and she had a blast!!! Ha ha!! Get it?? She even tried thuggen it for a bit. We went out to this place called Saloonie Creek Shooting Range. It costs about $12 a year to get the key to the gate and it shows. There was a sign on the gate about a bear attack that happened about a week before we got there. That's a pretty brave bear to attack a shooting range where hunters sight in their guns.

Anyway after we got done shooting Beth told me that she wants a gun for christmas this year. We'll see about that. She had this huge bruise on her shoulder when we were done. Of course my shoulder was pretty sore too. I was shooting my 12 gauge and Beth was shooting Devin's 20 gauge. She was a pretty good shot too. We will definately have to go out again when the weather is nice.


Abbie said...

That's really neat... Jesse wants to take me to "the range" down here but I'm petrified of guns LOL Way to go Beth :-)

Just don't shoot me if I come up and visit --- ha ha ha

Scott and Shana said...

She wants a gun for Christmas now? Uh-oh!

-Scott and Shana

Anonymous said...

Beth, you look way too natural holding that gun!