Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Some pics...finally

Zach downloaded some from the base computer and brought them home. We'll upload more later. WARNING: Picture heavy.
This is us at the Halloween party on Friday the 13th. Aren't we scary? We vant to suck your blood...ha ha ha.
Here's what our whole costume looked like and us being scary.
Our friends Devin and Stefanie...they are so silly. You should have seen her tail flopping around from side to side when she would dance. It was so funny.
We also had a dead hippy, witch and a woman from the Renaissance era (Eric and Heather - my belly dancing teacher - and Trisha).
I'd put up more pics, but apparantly I've killed the blogger photo keeps timing out now.
Zach has some AMAZING pics from his flight the other day. Just a hint....he landed on a mountain! So cool! I'll let him post since he will tell a whole story with it too.
Hopefully we'll be getting a new camera soon. Oh! Pray for us, we have an offer on our house that we countered and they countered back. We are going to accept it and finally be done with it! YAY!!! We really hope the inspection comes out ok. I'm sure it will, but it's still a nerve racking process!

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Coastieturtle said...

Nice pics.....scary vampires.....and others.....we had fun.