Friday, March 14, 2008

We miss you, honey!

This is for Zach mainly. There won't be much (if any) commentary. It's after midnight and I've been fighting with the laptop to load and shrink pics to upload here. Maybe I'll come back and give commentary tomorrow, but we'll see. Either way, enjoy the pics.

Honey, we love and miss you so much. We wish you were home. Only 5 days left now! I can't wait. You are the best husband and father to our children. We are all so blessed to have you. Please fly safely while you are away. You and J keep each other out of too much trouble. You are almost home. I'll try to get the video done tomorrow. I'm tired of fighting the computer.

I love you!
The night before Daddy left.

Mommy loves kissing me...and documenting it too.

Like father, like daughter.

Our sick baby. This was before we headed to the hospital for a few days. If you didn't know about this, I'm sorry. I haven't called to let anyone know. I answered calls, but didn't make them. I apologist. I wanted to focus on getting Donavyn better. She was admitted Monday (after an ER visit Saturday night/Sunday morning) for a kidney infection/dehydration/UTI. She is better now and we got home Wednesday around 10 am. She is MUCH better. We will have to go to Anchorage for an x-ray on her kidneys to make sure there isn't an anatomical reason for the infection since she is so young. The doc wants to rule out a reflux problem which could cause her a lot of problems in the future if she does have this issue and it goes unresolved. I'm so thankful my mom and dad were here to help. They were able to stay with Gabriel (who did GREAT with them by the way) while I was with Donavyn.

Zach's Aunt Vivian sent the kids some her no less... sock monkeys. I am so excited about them. I was actually looking in to buying some for them when we got the package. As you can see, Gabriel enjoyed the packaging for a while. Snowflake looks confused, doesn't she?
Gabriel testing out the texture of the monkey. He loves to feel all sorts of textures.

Donavyn just had to love on hers too. Aunt V, these are just the best. Thank you SO much! We love them! I love the detail you put in, with their initials and they are stuffed so well!

Eyes of Wonder

I'll let you back inside, doggies!

We went for a walk today with Becca and Fred. We can't wait until Donavyn can go with us too!

Here was our view today as we walked along Spruce Cape. It was gorgeous! This is the second day this week we got to have a nice walk. Hopefully Becca will keep me on top of this walking thing. I think the kids would really enjoy it.

Hopefully we'll get some good pictures tomorrow. It's supposed to be mostly sunny again, but we'll see. If it is, I plan on taking Mom and Dad out to see some of the sites. I'm not sure exactly where we'll go, possible White Sands and Abercrombie. I may take them to walk along the pier at Near Island too. We'll see. I know I said I would narrate tomorrow, but of course I went ahead and did it tonight. We all know that if I didn't, it wouldn't have gotten done.

Love you all!


Coastieturtle said...

Poor Donavyn, I'm glad to hear she's doing better. Hopefully being in the hospital wasn't too traumatic for her.


Marci said...

I love seeing your pictures! I am such a blog snoop. I pray to god that everything turns out good for Donavyn.

Mary said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm so glad to hear that Donavyn is doing better.

The Griffins said...

Hey You! Isn't it funny that we know almost everything about each others every day lives but still feal the need to catch up on each others blogs? I guesse we just can't get enough of each other! So glad D is better and I think G has grown by leaps and bounds in the few days its been since I have seen him.
Fly safe Zach your little famiy is missing you.
Love you guys!

Anonymous said...


Your family is just adorable. I have enjoyed following your posts - it makes me think of you often and how I miss working with you. I'm so proud of you. Congratulations! Miss you,

The Little Wife said...


Flo said...

I still think your babies are the most beautiful little creatures on earth. I'm glad that Donavyn is improving, the photo of her eyes is so pretty! Here's to hoping Zach can come home a little sooner than expected. Hang in there Beth, we're all rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

Love the pix! Gabriel has the cutest grin! Donavyn eyes are gorgeous! I am hoping and praying that SOMETHING works out for you to come to Florida! I miss you so much and am dying to squeeze those babies! Love you, Delinda