Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Catching Up - Post 1

Ok, so since I have a lot of catching up to do, I'm going to break them up into 3 separate posts. I don't have time to do them all at once, so it may be a day or two between them. That will give you all ample time to check out my cuties without having to read several posts at once.

We spent mid-July just hanging out mostly. We went to Baranof Park to play with the MOPS group one day and they have sawdust in their playground. I thought it was brilliant! The kids loved it and I was amazed they didn't eat too much of it. Ok, so Donavyn didn't get any I don't think (maybe a tiny bit) and Gabriel got a bit more than she did, but hey, it's just more fiber, right? That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

The rest of the time we were pretty much just here and there until it was time to leave for Cordova - which will be the next post. I have way too many pictures to share from that to deal with right this minute, so it will be a day or so. Deal. Pbbth. *Yes, I'm sticking my tongue out at y'all.

Zach had duty a few times, ok, so a lot, and the kids and I decided that if we wanted to see him we had to go visit. We had lunch at the bowling alley since the Pizza Parlor is closed so they can remove asbestos (gross). We had fun playing outside once we all ate. I just wish I could have shared all of the pictures, but there were too many. These are my favorites.

Ok, that's really all. I smell some stinky kids, so I'll change their diapers and it's almost time for them to go to bed. Love you all!

Oh, and Zach is gone again. He will be home soon enough, but we miss him!


Coastieturtle said...

Good to get some updates. Loved the pics as always.....Enjoy the rest of the summer....


Mary said...

Great pictures! The kids have gotten so big!