Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Hallelujah Chorus

I can hear you all now. I know, I've taken forever. Here is September - except for Donavyn's birthday party. I'll do that next. It will be mostly in slide show form though.

The month started off with the Women's Retreat at Camp Woody! We had a great time! On the boat heading over with Tina (who was also pregnant at the time and didn't tell us until last week when she was 20 weeks along!) and Melissa.
Me and Abbie
Some of my girlfriends: Bronwyn, Melissa, Dena and Sarah (she was the preggo this year - about as far along as I was at last years retreat - luckily she delivered on time, so it wasn't the retreat that did it to me afterall!)
Donavyn the day I got home. She was so cute playing ball with Snowflake. She just giggles!

Peach and Melissa gave Donavyn Peachie's old dollhouse. Donavyn and Gabriel both love to play with it.

She had this Sailor dress I completely forgot about until the day before this was taken. She wore it to church and looked so cute.

Aren't they sweet?
He enjoys coloring every once in a while.
Where's Gabriel's belly? There it is! He is doing great learning his body parts. He now knows his head, knees, toes, eyes, ears, nose and of course belly.

Poppa and Gabriel became fast friends
Nana's first look at the kids. Snowflake wanted her attention more.
Nana and Donavyn checking email
Playing on the floor
These were Zach's boots when he was a baby! How cool is that?
Aww....isn't that about the cutest thing ever?
Whee! I love when Poppa flips me!
Our big one year old! I can't believe she is 1 already! Showing me where her snack is. She is too smart.
Racing cars.


Mary said...

Great pictures! The kids are getting so big.

Coastieturtle said...

I would say it's about time but I know you're pretty busy running after two little ones. Great pics I enjoyed the update.


Anonymous said...

cute, cute!

I tagged you for a meme at my blog:


MCorder said...

Wow, I'm finding all kinds of AirSta people around the web!
Nice Site!

Melissa said...

Gee I look really hot in those pictures check out my awesome tan!

Loved ladies retreat. Whish we could go once a month, dont you?

Josh and LB said...

Beth...what a beautiful family! I am just so happy for you guys! Looks like ya'll are doing wonderful!