Monday, July 17, 2006

Finishing School for Dogs

That's right folks, we've enrolled Snowflake and Morgan into doggie training. They are actually doing very well. The first night was fairly amusing with about 10 dogs running around this school gym where the training is held and the trainer, Kathie, trying to figure out who was the alpha. Well, our sweet Morgan was that dog, that's right, Morgan is the top dog. Snowflake on the other hand is just a pushover. Is it wrong that we were glad Morgan was the alpha? We were so proud. That doesn't mean she was starting fights or anything either though, she was just letting them know who's boss, and that's why we got her in the first place - to be our security.

They are both doing really well with training and we have been working with them every day, except yesterday. We thought they needed a break too, but we were still working with them some. Zach and I realized most of the issues are our problems (i.e. not being forceful enough, letting them get away with things, not following through). Since last week though, we have been very conscientious about making sure if we tell them to do something they do it. It's amazing how fast they learn too!

On to the other stuff....Zach had a yo-yo week this past week. He would be in the helo ready to take off then be cancelled for maintenance, the be on again and be cancelled for a SAR case. He can't do cases yet, because he hasn't flown all of his area fam's yet (familiarization flights). He has two more to go before he can be on duty. Hopefully he'll get those out in the next couple days b/c he is supposed to have duty on Saturday.

Friday, I went to El Chicano's for dinner with about 10 other people and then to karaoke. Zach decided he wanted some alone time after his week of work. I protested at first telling him I'd stay home and cook him dinner and he could play video games to his hearts content, but he knew I needed to get out of the house too after being here all week. So since Devin is gone, Stef and I went together with 4 other couples. We were joined by quite a bit more at karaoke. It was a lot of fun. Aparently there is a big group of them that go every weekend and when we walked in, they opened the room about 45 minutes early for us. It was a lot of fun! I think we are going to have a girls night on Saturday and go dancing at a place called Mecca. Stef hasn't been yet either so we are going to get Meccanized. Good times.

Other than that it was a pretty ho-hum week around here. We went on a few walks, some in our neighborhood, some around Lake Gertrude, went to Stef's for dinner last night, Zach did more work on the office, I started working on my craft room, that's about it. Tonight we're having Brian, Amy and Sagan McLaughlin over for dinner. They are another couple coming here from Clearwater and bought a house that I can see from my window. Zach is carpooling with Brian so I can have the car and not feel trapped anymore. Speaking of which, if anyone knows of any legit work at home opportunities that look for a degree instead of just HS diploma, please let me know. I feel the need to work, but there's nothing in town I want to do for the hours I want to work. Yeah, I'm picky, but you all knew that already.

Ok, love ya all! Gotta go get to work now.


Mom and Dad said...

Some dogs (4 legged) are easy learners and some old dogs (2 legged types) are just old dogs forever. Glad to see that you are both enjoying yourselves and meeting new friends and building stronger friendships with old friends. Good friends are grown over a long time! Wish we could see you both! Love you mom and Dad

Abbie said...

AWWWW morgan was the "alpha" doggie... well we knew that anyway! :-) Glad to see that you're having fun up there!