Thursday, August 03, 2006


Ok, I really fixed the posts this time! Finally figured out what was wrong and it was me! lol I didn't see the "moderate comments" tab at the top of my screen. Who knew? I had 20 comments waiting to be approved. I'm such a dork!


Scott and Shana said...

Thank goodness! I think you can also chose to have comments totally open to blogger people... but for the record, Shana and I have read every post!

-Scott & Shana

Scott and Shana said...

Thank goodness!

And for the record, Shana and I read every post!


Marci said...

Hey girl!! When do you go to Anchorage? I will be on the med flight on the 16th. Let me know if you ever want to talk. I know the feeling of wanting a baby sooo bad.. I feel selfish because I already am blessed with Joshua but I REALLY wanted someone for Joshua to grow up with. We are also still trying after almost 3 years. We are waiting the results of one more test before we move forward with anything else. Anyway, I am here. Keep your spirits up!!!!! We have a big night tomorrow!!!