Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It may snow!!!

I'm so excited! Zach called from work this morning to tell me that in this mornings weather brief they said it may snow today!!! A few days ago there was snow at the top of Barometer, a mountain near the base, and the mountains in the distance have had snow all week! It's gorgeous!!! It's so weird though. I saw a pic of some friends from Clearwater and they are all in short and tees and still look hot and the pic was taken this weekend! It's so strange to be here with all the cold weather coming in. We still love it though. I don't know if I'll love driving in it though. Actually, it will be the people driving behind me that are hating me for driving so slow. Oh, well, I'll be safe at least.

It's been a crazy few weeks here. It started off with a Halloween/Friday the 13th party. We were vampires. Everyone loved our costumes. We still don't have a camera, but Z is trying to download some pictures from the file at work (it was a base party). Then the next week, I was rushing around working on the Serendipity auction. I don't know if I put it on here, but I was in charge of inventory for it and also creating the program. I will be helping co-chair next year with this years chair (Aimee), so I'll have even more work to do! It was a great time though! We were able to raise a lot of money for the community and Z and I came home with a lot of goodies (probably $500 worth of stuff for $270). I got a new winter jacket, since I didn't have one that is waterproof, two nights for the price of one at a local B&B, and a Harry and David picnic backpack filled with a bottle of Kodiak wine, Kodiak Salmonberry Champagne, and lots of gourmet foods. Oh! I almost forgot the "More Practice" print by Priscilla Messner. It's a limited edition and SO cool!

I also have a second interview scheduled for the loan processor position. I'm really hoping I get it and will hopefully find out by weeks end. Another fun thing I've done is start belly dancing classes. They are twice a week and SO much fun! And I'm not terrible either! I've got to order a skirt, veil and hip scarf soon though. I keep using the teachers. She is a member of the OSA and just moved here this summer too. She's great. I've really come to like her a lot. It's funny though, I've realized I have a very eclectic group of friends. Z says it's funny to see me talking and genuinely enjoying talking and hanging out with such diverse people. I love it though. It's the spice of life!

Zach just flew over the house again. It's so neat that they are always flying over the neighborhood on their way in or out on a flight. He had duty last night and will again Thur/Fri, so I'll have chick flick night....again. Oh well, he likes the flying here and I like that he's happier.

Love and miss you all!

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Abbie said...

OMG you have no idea how hot it was that day! Had to be in the 90's - ugh! Jesse even got sunstroke :-(

let's join in the chant together... "come on 2008!"

miss you!