Friday, October 27, 2006

It snowed!

It finally snowed yesterday. It didn't stick, but it sure was beautiful! I'm kinda nervous about driving in it though. It was snowing a little when I went to the grocery in the afternoon, but it hadn't accumulated enough to make it hard to drive. I'm going to go to Walmart and get a disposable camera today and I'll take some pics.

Tonight, we are going to the Haunted SPAR (one of the ships stationed here) and then to the haunted hayride. It should be a good time. Cold, but fun.

We went ghosting a couple nights ago. I had never heard of it until this year. Here is the definition according to Wikipedia. I changed some to fit how we do it in our neighborhood.

A new Halloween "tradition" of Ghosting has started. In the days leading up to Halloween someone may drop off a trick-or-treat bag (at night) filled with a few goodies, ring the doorbell and run. They include a rhyme that explains the tradition and a paper with an image or symbol of a ghost. You hang the ghost picture on your house until Halloween so no one else with "Ghost" you. You then have two days to "Ghost" two other people.

It's so much fun! We had to go down a few streets to find a house without a ghost on it already. What a good time though. I think we're going to have to introduce this whenever we move. We didn't ring the doorbell and run though. We just let them find it as a surprise. It's really fun to see all the ghosts on the doors in the neighborhood. We have no idea who ghosted us either! We just did random people we didn't know either. We did one at a known Coastie house (we don't know them though) and then another at a newcomer to the neighborhood.

Happy Weekend-before-Halloween!


Anonymous said...

the next time it snows, find a deserted street or parking lot and drive around. I mean drive--drive and slam on your brakes, see what happens, learn how to avoid a skid, etc. once you've done it a few times it won't be as scary to you.

Always drive slow--if the people behind you don't like it, they can pass you!

that's my advice!
enjoy the fluffy whiteness, it sure is fun.


Abbie said...

Aww I love the "ghosting" LOL they used to do that on base in Pensacola though they called it being "boo'd". Let me know how things are going - still praying for you!