Friday, December 28, 2007

Some Christmas Pictures

Ok, so I've been lazy and haven't taken the time to downsize the pics and upload them, so I did that tonight. Hope you enjoy them! I've got more to upload, but I figure this is a good start.

First, this is our tree this year. Yeah, we chopped a lot off....yeah, it looks like the top is sticking through the ceiling....yeah, we love it! We like our funny trees! We go out and hunt for them and chop them down (ok, so Zach does that, I offer moral support - i.e. "Are you SURE I'm going to like it?") and not to mention they are free.


We had our annual Christmas party again this year also. We had a fun group. Only one couple wasn't able to make it at the last minute due to illness, but everyone else we invited was able to come. Melissa and Aaron, Teresa (Aaron's mom), Seth and Tina, Jason and Becca, and Mary and Keith came over for some food and drink. It was a great time!

Seth and Tina

Grandma Griffin aka Teresa aka Ranga (according to Peach) with Donavyn

Keith, Mary, Becca and Jason listen intently as Zach reads The Night Before Christmas and wait to see when to pass the gift. If you've never experienced a Very Merry Koehler Christmas Party, you just wait!!!

Our family picture in front of the tree right after everyone leaves the house from the party. Isn't the outfit the cutest? Aunt Becca sent that for Donavyn. She sent a matching set for Gabriel, unfortunately he wasn't here to be able to wear it. The hat and shirt both say "Baby's First Christmas". Unfortunately these are the best pictures I got. Maybe I'll put her in it again just for a photo session. Thanks, Aunt Becca!


The morning of Christmas Eve we woke up to about 6-8 inches of snow. I had to shovel a path to let the dogs out. Yes, Mom, I did go out in just a sweatshirt and a wet head. I know...I could catch pneumonia and die...I know, but the dogs needed to go out and Zach was feeding Donavyn and it wasn't really all that cold out. Yes, a Florida girl saying it was snowing and it wasn't cold. Go figure. This is about 8 hours later or so. The snow was dumped on us so much throughout the day I had to shovel us out again. I could show you the same picture as the one above this one with the outfit in this one, but I figured this one is funnier. We, make that I, had to shovel snow out of the house. As I opened the sliding glass door it all fell inside. Notice the oh-so-stylish Muck boot. Most people prefer the Xtra Tuff (as can be seen on the Dorval's blog), but I like my Mucks. They are neoprene and tighter and they are black, not to mention they aren't Xtra Tuffs.

I ran into Aaron and Theresa while at Safeway and they had just decided to have an impromptu get together that night at their place. Have we mentioned how much we love these guys? Melissa and Aaron are great. We had a great time. It reminded me of the Christmas Eve family party at my parents house every year. It was exactly what I needed - they have truly become family. It was a lot of the same crowd as was at our party.

Seth and Katie - they just got engaged. CONGRATS!!! You should see her ring...beautiful! Instead of a diamond, he got her a ruby in an emerald cut surrounded by diamonds. Very pretty!


Morgan the cutest Rein-dog! She didn't mind these a bit! Too funny!

Look what Santa left under the tree for us! The cutest cloth diapered baby around! Those are the Fuzzi Bunz, we LOVE cloth diapering!

She loves the Exersaucer Grandma and Pawpaw sent her! She plays in this daily and even falls asleep in it sometimes. I'll have to upload those pics soon.

Ok, so this wasn't really taken on Christmas, but a couple days earlier for our churches Candlelight service. I LOVE this dress! She looks so cute. She'll be able to wear this one for a few months too. We got a 3/6 month, but I can't believe it fits her so well already! She is getting so big!

We did take the "Today I'm 3 months old" pictures, but haven't uploaded those yet. I'll try to get to that tomorrow. Got a video to upload as well.

Love you all!!!


Mary said...

Adorable pictures! Thanks for sharing Christmas with us!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh! She is growing much too fast! She is absolutely beautiful and her smile is adorable! I miss her (and you both, too) so very much! I can't wait to smother her in sugar! We love you all! Delinda, Gregg, Savannah and Conley

Scott and Shana said...

What a great Christmas! My family came for Christmas and they all got the flu. I LOVE those photos... we miss you guys!

-Scott n Shana & co.

Brian/Rebecca said...

Thank you for the pic of her in the outfit I sent- too bad her big brother wasn't there to wear his! Any day now...I pray that you get that call! I miss y'all so much it hurts. Sending lots of love your way, Becca, Brian, Makayla & Olivia

Lanie said...

She is so can see the personality in the smiles. I love seeing FL Beth shovel snow...heehee!!!!!!!

happy new year!!!!!!!