Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May days

WARNING: Picture heavy, may take a while to load.

It's been another fun filled month here in the Koehler house. Ok, so it didn't start off that way. After it finally quit raining (it rained for 20+ days, yuck), the sun came out and we were finally able to get outside. It was quite cold at first, but it is finally starting to warm up...it's currently 53 degrees outside at 9 p.m. and the sun will go down in about 2 hours. We are actually about to go and work on the yard since the kids are asleep and we won't have to worry about keeping our eyes on them. We'll just have to keep our ears open - the monitor will be outside of course.

Ok, so I'm going to fill you in on our month with pictures...we've taken a lot this month and these are only a small portion, though there are going to be LOTS here.

May 2:

Gabriel playing in the kids cabinet. He loves to play with all of their dishes (most of them courtesy of Mary). When I say play, I mean throw them out of the cabinet and bang them, then cart them off all around the house, where Momma and Daddy have to play "Who can find a plate faster" to serve the kids dinner.

Daddy is so funny. He put my toy on his head. Momma did to, but won't show the proof. Gabriel did this too, but the camera just couldn't quite catch him.

May 5:

Gabriel enjoying his first lime. He actually did really enjoy it. He kept going back for more.

May 9:

This is the kids favorite book. It is an electronic book that plays music and "reads" the book to them. Big brother loves to "read" to Donavyn. They don't let me get more than a page into a book before trying to either eat or throw it, sometimes both at the same time, but they will play with this one for hours.

May 11:
Seems to me like there is a picture of another little boy near and dear to my heart in almost this same pose. Ahem, that would be you, Conley. We actually had to switch their cabinet not long after this picture was taken though. Gabriel was standing up and hitting some of the plumbing and I walked into a flood in the kitchen one night while Zach was on duty - of course he was gone, all things that can go wrong do while Daddy is away.

Hey, this looks vaguely familiar, Momma. Hmm....I seem to remember something like this.

Mom relaxin' with two of her girls on the couch. Morgan likes to crawl on top of us almost as much as the kids like to crawl on top of her.

May 12: Their first bath together. Gabriel just looks at her like, "Hey, what are YOU doing in MY tub?"

May 16:
He decided to run for it as soon as I got his clothes off for bath. He's got such pinchable cheeks. *snort*
Isn't she sweet? This was her last time in the baby bath. Aww....my baby is growing up! He loves this boat. It makes music, even under water. Thanks Joshua, Megan and Daniel! They got him this for his birthday. And this is why she is no longer in her baby tub. She tries to crawl right out.

May 17:

Our friends Seth and Katie got married and asked Zach to be the officiant. His official paperwork is below. He loves that is says he is the "Marriage Commissioner". It really was an honor for him and he did a great job if I do say so myself. He'll get to do it all over again in November for their big wedding. The state of Alaska allows a resident to perform one ceremony without being ordained or a notary. Since the one in November won't be official, he will be able to do that one too.
Melissa and Aaron, aren't they cute? We just love them!

A group family picture. After the wedding we headed down to the marina for some photos since it was so pretty. It was cold though!And here we are! Mom, I'll be getting this to a better size and finding a good one of the kids for you for your family tree photo montage.

May 18:
Hmph. He likes to climb. A lot. This is how I caught him the other day. There is no stopping him though. If he falls, he just climbs right back up. Man, what am I gonna do with him?

May 19:

We had an impromptu gathering/bonfire on the back deck. Man, I'm so thankful the Holloway's were so gracious in their giving to us what they didn't want to take with them to FL. We are getting a TON of use out of it. We had smores...yumm.... It was also the 9th anniversary of the day he got commissioned (i.e. graduated the Academy). Only 11 years until retirement!

May 20:
Gabriel has really gone from baby to little boy in a matter of about a week. While I'm a little sad about it, it makes my life as a mommy a little easier, though he is into everything. Yup. He's feeding her water. She was crying, so he grabbed her sippy cup from the kitchen table and brought it to her. He's done this several times since then and it just warms my heart. He is such a good big brother!Aren't they so sweet?

May 21:

I took the kids to have lunch with Zach at work, but they fell asleep in the car. We decided to just eat in the car since it was cold out. It was beautiful though!
I love this picture! He just wanted to snuggle on Daddy. Such a sweet boy.

May 24:

It's Crab Fest weekend and it was GORGEOUS! Which actually makes me a bit nervous since if CF is pretty, it's usually a crummy summer, but if it's a crummy CF it's a good summer. We'll see if that holds true this year. I hope not. Anyway, Gabriel had a lot of fun playing in the road before the parade started. Uncle Aaron was so funny. He was more protective than we were. Donavyn likes to crawl away from you when you are changing her diaper now. She was just putting on a show in the living room, traipsing around naked. She's so funny. She's getting her belly laugh too and it is just wonderful and deep.

May 25:

Donavyn is 8 months old now! She is getting so big and so funny. She is really starting to play now and get a personality. We saw a newborn at church this Sunday who is bigger than Donavyn was at birth and Zach and I couldn't believe our princess was that tiny, tinier even. Man, the time goes so fast. We had Katie and Seth over for dinner and Katie just LOVES Snowflake. And of course Snowflake just hates all the attention.

Zach was showing Seth a new comic he found online. They are both gamers and the comic is about trolls goblins -Zach made me correct it - (something they play online, boys). That's okay, it's good fun for them and they enjoy it.

May 26:

Zach had the day off, so we spent it working in the yard. See how hard lil' bit worked? She wore herself plum out!
Gabriel had a fight with the front steps a few days earlier (it did look much worse). He lost obviously, those rascally steps. It looked much worse than it actually was though.
Daddy's hands.


The Little Wife said...

What wonderful photos!!!! They are getting so big and continue to be as gorgeous as ever. You are blessed with a wonderful family.

Julie's Blog said...

I loved your pictures! What a wonderful family!

Summers Family said...

Love all the photos! They are both getting so big! Precious, Precious! Love you all! Delinda

Brian/Rebecca said...

TOO CUTE!!! Thanks for finally updating this thing! I miss seeing y'all so much it hurts! Sending lots of love, hugs, and kisses your way! Becca, Brian, Makayla, & Olivia

Mary said...

Great pictures! We miss you guys so much! Glad to see you guys are enjoying the plethora of stuff we sent over. The kids are so big, and surely Donavyn can't be 8 months old already? Where did the time go? You all look so good.

Coastieturtle said...

Awesome photos. I love what's happening with the dishes....he seems to be very creative...


The Griffins said...

You did a great job with all the pictures. We feel so blessed to be a part of your family. Love you friend!

Tracie said...

Thanks for sharing all the pics. Looks like sooo much fun! BTW, every time I watch Deadliest Catch on Discovery, I think of Zach flying helicopters in Alaska!

Tigerlilly said...

Lovin' the pictures. It's so neat to be able to watch your beautiful kids grow in pictures!

Tanoi said...
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Tanoi said...

First off, I am new to this, so I left a comment and tried editing it and ended up deleting it, so sorry. Anyway, just wanted to say that I love watching your beautiful kids grow through your pictures. It looks like both of our March boys are flirts.