Sunday, September 28, 2008

Catching Up - Post 3

Ok, so here's August for you. Not a lot went on really, so I didn't get many pictures. The first week, Zach was still in Cordova. Here is a pic of a view that he gets when flying there. Pretty, huh?
This is the Valdez oil terminal. The big Alaskan oil pipeline that runs from the North Slope of Alaska all the way to Valdez ends right here. This is where they pump it on to big oil tankers to be shipped out.

This is the high speed ferry. If we get to stay here for another tour the kids and I will go over to Cordova at the end of one of Zach's deployments, then we will take the ferry over to Seward to see what's there.

The most important thing of August....we celebrated our 6 year anniversary. It's funny because we are always amazed that it has been that long, but yet it feels like we have always been together. Zach likes to say that he has forgotten what life without me was like and that he hopes he never has to remember. (Cue "aww")

He asked what I wanted to do for our anniversary and I said "have a picnic on Old Woman" (remember our first experience with Old Woman?). Abbie and Jesse offered to watch the kids for us (aren't they great?), so we took off around 4 o'clock. It was nice to not have two kids hanging on our backs. We did each have backpacks though. We had to carry our food, wine and blanket up there with us afterall. Not to mention the camera and plenty of water and dessert. Oh, and we can't forget the wood we carried up to build a fire to cook our food. Zach made foil packets with salmon, veggies and lemon. And tiramisu, it has a very special meaning for us. It was FABulous! Yeah, I am the one that got the better end of the deal in our marriage. I feel so blessed to have him.

Here we are before our hike. Trust me, the pics of us after we hiked up are NOT all that great. Of me anyway. After just a quarter of the way up the mountain I was really wondering WHY I had to choose this as our date. Why couldn't I be a normal person and just go out to a nice dinner [read: Powerhouse or Chart Room]? No, I had to go on a hike up a mountain to cook my food. You know what though? After all the work, it was wonderful and something I will cherish for as long as I live. What an amazing anniversary with my husband.

Here is our dinner. Can't beat the view either.

Ok, enough gushing....for now anyway. Here the kids are standing on the heater looking outside making sure there is no mischief in the neighborhood. I'm training them well in my ways (I'm known as the neighborhood nosey Nellie). They have to take over since I'm always too busy chasing them to keep up with everyone else in the 'hood now!

The kids played with Bronwyn's tunnel while we were at her house one day and loved it. Bronwyn found one at the Salvation Army and got it for them. Wasn't that nice?

Gabriel had his first icecycle.

Gabriel likes to help Donavyn eat.

We had a date night in. While Zach was out picking up our sushi and dropping his stuff off at the base for yet another deployment, I set up the living room. Laying in bed the night before we were dreaming of our pre-kids days and how we were able to go on dates whenever we wanted and I mentioned I wanted a picnic in ______ (don't remember where I said - some exotic country), so I made one for us. I thought this was way better than a regular date night.

The kids enjoying a nice break from the rain while they could.

Donavyn learned that the music table is made for climbing, thanks to big brother.

And she turned 11 months old! Ack!

Isn't he adorable?Oh, and big news....Kodiak now has WORKING lights. Yup, they do sometimes turn red - or so they tell me. I have yet to be stopped by it though.

And finally, we went to the fair and rodeo. The kids weren't all too thrilled and it was basically a waste of money, but we did get to see horses and Becca's pictures that won 1st place (both of her people category entries got 1st and they were both of Miss D). Congrats, Becca!

Ok, I'll really try to get the next installment in b/c I have the BEST pictures of our ONE YEAR OLD GIRL! Can you even believe it? I can't. Let's just say she really is a little princess.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for taking the time after your VERY busy day to update. The pictures are so good...the kids are changing so fast. We'll be anxiously waiting for the ones from the photographer and from her birthday celebration! Give everyone our love. Mom

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