Saturday, February 28, 2009

Told ya!

See? I told you I'd be better. The kids are SO funny. They love to sing and play the piano. We may have our own house band one day.

Donavyn likes to play with the box that is supposed to hold Gabriel's Thomas trains and track. She just dumps it and either climbs in or, as you can see here, put it on her head and pretend she's a space cadet. Ok, so that's what WE say she's doing anyway.

Gabriel also REALLY enjoys feeding his sister. It's really sweet. He will take his own snack and feed it to her and she will sometimes to do the same to him. I love that he takes care of her. Granted, he also likes to steal her lovies out of her hands and run off with them, but he is a big brother afterall and he does have brotherly duties to fulfill. He is pretty good about giving them back to her though when she gets REALLY cranky. She just chases him squealing while he taunts her. It takes all I have to not laugh when she gets upset. Alas, I have no pictures of this part, but I do have a picture of him feeding her yogos the other night.

Love you all! Only 10 days until the kids and I leave for Florida! YAY! I cannot WAIT to see everyone! I love and miss you all so much! And I can't wait until my kids can join the kid stack.


Becca and Jason said...

That video is priceless! But why does Gabriel look so mad while he's singing!? :)

Zach and Beth said...

He's not mad, he's passionate! *snort*

Coastieturtle said...

They are just so sweet to each other.... it's great that they're so musically inclined..


Anonymous said...

Boy does that bring back memories! They sing and play so wonderful. We are counting the days also, wish that Zack was coming as well with you. Only 9 days and a wake up! See ya real soon! Love Papaw and Grandma

Melissa said...

ahh toddler angst band!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are adorable. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My cousin lives in Kodiak, he's either the asst. manager or the manager of Safeway there :-)

Anonymous said...

Awwww! Gabriel and Donavyn look so adorable in the pics! We can't wait to see you! The kids will have to join our kid stack!
Love u sooooooooo much!
love Savannah

Scott and Shana said...

OK,... I love that video! Made my day!!