Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Last day...

...on the mainland at least. We'll be getting on the Kodiak ferry tonight around 10 pm. Good thing the sun will still be up. We made it into Homer day before yesterday after taking Beth on her first fishing trip. We went to Ninilchik and tried our had at catching some salmon and halibut. No luck though. We saw one guy catch a King Salmon though. That's the only fish we saw the entire day. It was wet and rainy too but we had a great time.

Since then we have just been bumming around Homer. It is very pretty here but I think both Beth and I are ready to be off the road. Living out of the car for over a month is fun to a point. And I think we're fast approaching that point. Most of our conversations lately have been about what we're going to unpack first. Beth seems to think it'll be her craft stuff but I've got my vote for our bed. It'll be so nice to hook up that SleepNumber matress and sink down into that soft goodness!!!

So today is just spent packing up our junk yet again and getting ready to get on a boat...again. But this will be the last time and we should be pulling into Kodiak tomorrow sometime. We can't wait. We'll let you know when we get there. Keep praying for us so that we can make it down the homestretch without killing each other.


Coastieturtle said...

Your not in Florida anymore.....
Us neither... found your blog and it's great.


Coastieturtle said...

Your not in FL anymore... and neither are we....found your blog it's great.


Abbie said...

hey beth I've been trying to contact you through CC - is everything OK