Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I wanted to make sure I was able to wish a very Happy Mother's Day to our mom's and all the mom's we know out there! You are all so special and such an inspiration. I have learned something from all of you. I just hope that when we have our children that I will be as wonderful as so many of you are.

We haven't celebrated Mother's Day here yet. I didn't think we were going to do anything for it, but Zach has informed me otherwise. He has something up his sleeve. He apparently has whatever my surprise is with him so that I wouldn't go sneaking around the house trying to find it. He knows me oh so well. Of course, I've been so lazy and tired I have no desire to expend the energy searching the house for things.

I did receive a few Happy Mother-to-be Day cards. Thanks Mom & Dad, Delinda and Rebecca!!!! I did have to laugh when I opened the cards from Delinda and Mom though...they were the exact same card and had almost identical words written inside. Too funny! Not only that, but they arrived on the same day. I'll have to take a picture and put it on here to show you all. I loved them all though. It was very considerate and very much appreciated. I just wish I were able to see you all and spend time with you shopping for the rugrats!

We had a scare last week at the Dr's office. Ok, so I did...Zach is deployed, so I was there alone. When she measured me she said I was big and a few minutes later left to see if the Dr. with the ultrasound machine in the office was in. I heard her tell him that she had a patient (me) that is 17 weeks who was measuring 23 weeks. This is where I start freaking out! I can't handle being pregnant with TWINS!!! I can't take care of TRIPLETS!!! Thank goodness the ultrasound only showed one baby. Whew...dodged a major bullet there. God sure does have a sense of humor, doesn't He? I know if it were the case we would handle it, but I'm SO glad we don't have to handle it!

It was so neat to see the baby though. Bellybaby is a wiggleworm. Dr. Zimmer was shocked that I couldn't feel anything. He said to enjoy it while I can b/c this baby will be making his/her presence known soon and I'll be sick of it before too long. Oh, they said I was probably measuring so far along b/c I'm petite and only gaining in the belly. That's good news to me! I can actually still wear a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes. Jeans anyway...they sit below my belly. I just wish Zach could have been there to see the baby.

He will have his chance soon enough though. We have "the BIG ultrasound" on Tuesday, May 29th at 1 p.m. So everyone be praying that this baby doesn't choose to be modest while in the womb. As my friends like to say..."send open leg vibes!!!". We sure do need them. Dr. Walters told me to drink coffee and eat chocolate before I went (oh, darn) so that the baby will be moving around and hopefully get a good look. So what do you all think? Boy or girl? I still have no clue. I keep going back and forth.

We received our last bit of paperwork we were waiting on for our dossier, but the homestudy agency messed up on the notary so they have to do it again. Which means we had to have our social worker here print up another set of reports and have hers notarized again. Fun stuff. I guess Guatebaby needs to bake a little longer. I can't wait to get that referral though. I think we are REALLY close. One of the other families working with Palmetto Hope and our coordinator (Sonya - she rocks) brought home their little girl Savannah at only 4 1/2 months old. That is a huge feat right now, so I'm hoping a praying that God will let our little man come home that early too.

Ok, I'm done. Love you all and I'll post a new picture this weekend when Zach gets home. I've definitely grown since the last picture. It's amazing how much two weeks can change you! Wow!!!

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