Saturday, May 05, 2007

So I'm doing a little better...

...I'm making another post less than a month after my last one! That's an improvement, right? We are now 16 weeks along in the pregnancy and could also possibly have a referral by mid-June! I can't believe how fast it all seems to be going! I went to a friends garage sale today and bought a double stroller. ACK! It all became so real that we're going to have TWO babies when I bought that!'s a good thing I know God has His plan, b/c I sure question it sometimes, but I have faith that it's all in His timing.

Anyway...We were lucky enough to fly to Sitka (see above photo) on a C-130 on the 24th of April to visit our friends Scott and Shana and thier wee one, Madison. She is just a DOLL! She has such personality! She's 15 months and everyone in town knows who she is. Sitka is beautiful. We actually got to go out on their boat, which is called "The Jedi". No joke. Anyone who knows Scott, knows how appropriate that is too. I caught my first fish and then would have caught another one, but it broke the line. It must have been a "big 'un" too because the pole had 60 lb line on it. I'm going to say it was a halibut, no one knows for sure, but that's what I'm going to go with. It was really awkward though and I feel silly even saying it, but I felt guilty once the fish was in the boat and dying, trying to breathe. I've never killed anything. I would have put it back in the water, but they told me that it would have died anyway because the hooks were so large. I made Zach put it out of it's misery. I couldn't stand watching it flop around. It makes me want to fish more though. It was thrilling.

Unfortunately Shana had to work a lot while we were there, but we had fun with the time we did have with her. They are pregnant too and are due about a month after we are, so she and Scott were giving us all kinds of tips and hints about things. Madison is so cute, did I mention that? Poor thing had a cold and was teething while we were there though. She was still fun and fiesty and we had a blast playing with her. It was neat to see Sadie (their dog) again too. They had her in flight school and she so sweet. She looks like the missing link between Snowflake and Morgan too with her coloring. It was pretty funny, we didn't remember that about her.

Oh! We bought some baleen while we were there too. Most of you probably don't know what it is...I didn't either until I got here. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about it:

Baleen makes up baleen plates, which are arranged in two parallel rows that look like combs of thick hair; they are attached to the upper jaws of baleen whales. It is composed of keratin, which is the same substance that makes up human hair and nails. Whales use these combs for filter feeding. Whales are the only vertebrate group to use this method of feeding in great abundance (flamingos and crabeater seals use similar methods, but do not have baleen), and it has allowed them to grow to immense sizes. The Blue Whale, the largest animal ever to live, is a baleen whale.

Depending on the species of whale, a baleen plate can be 0.5 to 3.5 m (2 to 12 ft) long, and weigh up to 90 kg (200 lb). Its hairy fringes are called baleen hair or whalebone-hair, referred to as "blasko" by the Native Inuit in Alaska. Baleen plates are broader at the gumline (base). The plates have been compared to sieves or Venetian blinds.

The word "Baleen" derives from Early Modern English word meaning "whale". It derives from the Latin balaena and is related to the Greek phallaina, both of which also mean "whale".

We have it hanging on our wall in our stairwell now and ever since we put it up Morgan sits at the top of the stairs staring at it and growls when Snowflake goes near it. I'm thinking that she may still smell the whale. That's about the only explaination I can come up with. We are going to try to find someone here that etches pictures into them and pay them to do that for us. So we now have our "big" memory purchase from our Kodiak tour. It looks really cool. I'll take a pic sometime and put it up. If I can remember.

I have this big sucking sound coming from my brain and into my belly. I think the baby is eating it! It's crazy! I can't seem to remember anything lately and I have heard it just gets worse. Fun stuff. Zach has taken to saying "There's only enough for one" (speaking of brain cells). He thinks he's so funny. It's a good thing he's cute. My family has hassled me to post some pics of my belly so we have been taking pictures in the same spot in our hallway every few weeks. It's been pretty fun. I'll post a timeline from two days before we found out we were pregnant through Thursday. (Don't forget: too see image larger, click on photo.)

Zach is gone on deployment to "man camp". He has duty every other day and gets to fish/hike the opposite days. I think I'm going to go to the local Mexican restaurant for Cinco de Mayo tonight with some friends. One of the guys at the AirSta is in a band that is playing there so I'll check it out. If it's too smokey I'll have to leave though. Oh well. It's been beautiful the past few days and I hope it stays that way. I just wish it would warm up some. 45 degrees shouldn't be the norm for May!

Ok, I've talked enough. Love you all and I'll try to get back even sooner this time!


Anonymous said...

You really do look pregnant! I imagine in a couple more weeks you will be showing even more! Keep putting the progress photos on the blog! I tried but wasn't able to make the pix larger when I clicked on them. Send me a copy of the photo of you in the hot green/black dress! You looked awesome! I love you bunches! Dee

Brian/Rebecca said...

OH...You look so cute with your pregnent belly! I wish I could rub your tummy! Like Dee, I couldn't get the pics to enlarge either. Sitka is beautiful, too. Brian is gonna laugh so hard when I tell him what you said about fishing-you're so funny. What kind of fish is that anyway? I love and miss you, Becca

Jamie Schluckebier said...

Your little pregoo belly is so cute!