Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Half Birthday, to You!

Our dear Gabriel is 6 months today! I wish we could celebrate this with him, but we are happy knowing he's with a wonderful family.


Ok, so this is where I got cut off yesterday as I was typing this out. So YESTERDAY was his half birthday. So, what happened to cut my posting time so short? I thought you'd never ask! The Dr. on call (Dr. Wiggins) came in for rounds and said she thought it was time for us to have a baby. Yup, that's right.

We asked a lot of questions and we are likely going to start the induction this morning at some point. She and Dr. Whitefield (my Dr.) are in surgery starting at 9, and I've been told that Dr. Whitefield is going to try to stop by today - don't know if it will be before or after his surgery though. I'm really hoping that he will be available to deliver our baby girl.

Please pray that everything goes well and that I have a fast, easy labor and delivery. For those of you that have been calling and emailing, thank you so much. It means so much to have friends and family like all of you thinking about and praying for us.

We have been EXTREMELY blessed with some amazing friends and neighbors who are watching over our dogs and house. A very special thank you to Melissa and Aaron, Becca and Jason, and Mary and Keith. I don't know what we would have done without you all. You have all become more than friends (not only through this, but through everything), but are now family. We love you guys! I know there are so many others out there who are doing so much for us and we appreciate all of you.

So, with that said, I'm going to go for now. Zach is off getting me some breakfast. He said he's surprising me this morning, so we'll see what he has up his sleeve. We'll do our best to let you guys know what's going on, but can't promise anything. Next time you hear from us we MAY be Momma and Daddy! Wow....


Scott and Shana said...

We can't wait!! You guys are going to be awesome parents... what a lucky kid you are going to have! You are all in our thoughts and prayers!

-Scott and Shana

Amber said...

Oh, Beth. I love you so much! Praying, praying, praying for you today. Can't wait to see baby girl!

Becca and Jason said...

Hey guys! First of all, I think Zach will have his man card taken away for the toenail painting. Although, maybe it takes a real man...
We're SOOOO excited for you guys, and can't wait to get the news of Cheesecake's arrival! (Did I mention we can't wait to know her name?!)
You know we're happy to help you guys out any way we can... we're just glad we could do it!
Good luck today!!!!!!!! Love ya!

Amy said...

best wishes for an easy labor and delivery.
can't wait to see pictures!

love you

*Jana* said...

Thinking of you two!oops... 3!!! I hope everything is going well. Can't wait to hear the announcement that Cheesecake is here!!! (she'll always be Baby Cheesecake to me)

Luv you guys!!! Take care.

Lanie said...

We covered you in prayers tonight at small group!!!!!!! We are so anxious to know what is going on with you all. We all love you and will keep checking. Love, Lanie

The Griffins said...

Hey Friends!
I have been wringing my hands all day and jumping to answer the phone. You are going to do awesome Beth and Zach I know you are going to be the best labor coach ever! Here's to a happy babymoon for all of you!

Angela said...

Praying for you lots and lots. You have ALL been on my mind a lot today. Love ya Beth. Can't wait to see pics of that sweet lil Princess! =)

Minyard's said...

Hi guys,
We've been waiting for the news! I've been bugging Melissa for days and Seth is chatting with Scott on the comp.

Hopefully we will hear soon.

-Seth and Tina

Becca and Jason said...

Hi guys! Still waiting to hear news. Everyone said "hi" at Craftnite tonight, Beth, and that it just wasn't the same without you there!

Hope everything is going well... thinking of and praying for you guys!!

Oh, and we MISS YOU!

Marci said...

Sending prayers your way! Were still thinking of you. Everyone I talk to askes me about you.

*Jana* said...

I hope everything is going well. I think everyone here is on pins and needles waiting to hear 'the news'.


Lela Elliott said...

Congratulations on the safe arrival of Donavyn Faith! Our prayers are with you - you are about to embark on the greatest (and most exhausting)journey!

Anonymous said...

Praying and Waiting to see pictures of your baby girl! Sending love to you both! I agree that your kids are gonna have the best parents they could EVER ask for! Hugs and Kisses from our family to yours! Can't wait to hear from you soon. Mandy (Aryannasmama), Justin and Aryanna

Anonymous said...

You guys are killing me!! Where are the baby pictures?? It's been nearly 2 days already :)
-Shana and Scott