Saturday, September 22, 2007

Still waiting...

Beth on Bed-Rest

Well no news is good news I suppose...Beth and the baby are doing just fine. Beth is doing a lot better in fact. Her blood pressure has stabilized and her protein has actually gone down. It makes us wonder why we are still here and not being sent home but they said that with bedrest Beth can actually get better but if she went off of bedrest and went home she could get worse very quick so until further notice we're stuck. Beth is really enjoying her bedrest though. She's been able to catch up on her sleep and reading. She's a Sudoku genius too!!! Anyway I've got to go get the laundry out of the dryer now so here's some updated pictures.

Leaving the house as a pair for the final time.

Pretty toes!!! (She is the spoiled-est person I know)


Amy said...

Beth, enjoy your last few weeks as a pregnant person. Even if they are on bedrest. It doesn't get any easier than when the baby is inside, no matter how hard it seems. Once out, they cry and insist on eating all the time--what gives?

Anyway, Feel good, and make sure Zach keeps taking such good care of you.


Anonymous said...

Amy and Zach - My name is Krsitin Singleton and I am Scott Donaldson's cousin. I love keeping updated on Scott's blog site and just happened to click on your link today. I have had 2 boys prematurely - one at 32 weeks and one at 35 weeks. Both were good sized and well developed. I ended up having a late amnio with my 2nd, and no complications. It sounds like you are in great hands! I will be praying for a healthy delivery and that all continues to go well!

Anonymous said...

Sorrry - meant to say BETH and Zach - I read the previous comment and ended up typing Amy - so sorry!

Christy said...

Beth & Zach,
I found your site via Scott's blog, I'm Christy, Tim's wife, one of Scott's good friends from Oregon. I'm pretty sure I remember you guys from their wedding. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you and your baby girl. I have been reading your blog for a while now and am just amazed and moved with your walk with God and how you so openly share it with us. Oh and of course we are praying for little Gabriel too.

The Griffins said...

HEY!! That room looks familiar!

I heard about the possible induction from Scott as I was getting on the C-130 tonight! So I hope and pray things go well!