Thursday, September 13, 2007

One step closer...

Well we are one step closer to being ready to bring two new little ones into our home. We finished painting the nursery and put the cribs together!! Now all that's left is to move the changing table into the room and figure out the layout. Gabriel and Baby Girl will be sharing a room so we had to figure out a theme that would be appropriate for both of them and since I always call Beth "My Princess" we thought that a Prince & Princess room would be cool. Actually, a friend of Beth's on Coastiechicks was the first to suggest the theme, so thank you MamaFox (aka Angela)! We loved your idea and ran with it! It took a bit of research and a lot of erasers on my part but I finally figured out how to draw the murals on the walls. We then had our neighbors scan them into the computer and we borrowed a computer projector to blow the drawings up on the wall. Beth helped me trace them and finally paint them. It took several weeks but we are quite pleased with the result. Hopefully our children will one day appreciate all the hard work we put into their room.

Starting the Dragon and Knight on Gabriel's side of the room.

Unicorn and Princess on Baby Girl's side of the room.

Starting the Castle on the third side of the room (over the changing table).

Finished Castle.

Gabriel's side of the room including his crib.

Detail of Knight. (Look at how well Beth painted his face!!)

Baby Girl's side of the room including her crib.

Detail of Unicorn and Princess.


Amy said...

oh, my, goodness. that is just great! can you come to florida to paint in Dorothy and the twins room? please? pretty please?


Pawpaw and Grandma Box said...

We just got home and came to look at the blog first thing! What a GREAT job! Those little kids will never want to leave their rooms. We didn't know there was so much talent in the family! Can't wait to see it in person!

Lots of love,
Pawpaw and Grandma

melissa said...

I found you on the web! I feel so privilaged to see the room in person. I had a really fun time raiding your closet today thanks Beth.

Marci said...

It looks sooo good. You 2 must be getting so excited. I hope your little ones will always remember how lucky they are. Everything seems so real once the room is done.

Jess said...

That is absolutly beautiful.

FoxFamilyFive said...

I have no idea how I missed this post. I'm so glad you went with the prince/princess theme. It's SO cute. You did an amazing job!!!

The kids are growing so fast. =)

Love to you and yours.