Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week of Firsts!

This was a week of firsts for our little girl. Last Sunday was Donavyn's first Sunday at church. The pants were/are huge on her, but she still looked adorable - everyone told us so (not that we really needed to be told). The sweater fit perfectly though. Our friend Bronwyn got this for little miss before we headed to Anchorage. Of course, right in the middle of church I had to get up to change little miss stinky pants (and boy did it stink too). The blanket she is sitting on was made by my Aunt Linda for Gabriel. I'm sure he won't mind if his little sister uses it every once in a while though.

Donavyn also had her first real bath on Wednesday. She seems to really like it too. She is so calm and relaxed when she is in there. After bath is momma/Donavyn time. I love to snuggle with her while she's in her towel and then put lotion on her. We don't have a chair in the nursery for me to sit in, so we have been sitting on the floor. I've been using one of my old baby blankets to put on the floor and we play on that. She's really starting to notice more and stay awake longer. Of course, she likes to be awake when momma and daddy want to sleep, but what should we really expect, huh?

Yesterday, the 4H club held a Harvest Fest/Pumpkin patch at the fairgrounds. We grabbed Becca and made it out to find that all the pumpkins were gone! Bummer. We wanted a picture of our pumpkin with some pumpkins. Yeah, I know...cheesy, but that's me! We did get to see a horse though. The owner is really nice. She does therapeutic horse training with developmentally challenged children. By the time we got to the horses, she had moved her into a stall because she (the horse) had been around children all day and was tired. As soon as the owner saw us looking at the horse, she stopped in the middle of a conversation with someone else and said, "Is that a baby? Come over here!" When Zach mentioned that we were hoping to get our picture made with the horse, she led her back out and let us. When she found out Pops is a ferrier, she said he could come work on her horses any time he wanted. So, Pops, you've got a job if you want one from the sound of it!
The rest of the pictures are just for fun. Donavyn likes to rock on! She is so much fun to play with! She's like a little doll and we can mover her around any way we want. She makes some pretty cute faces on her own too though. She really likes to have her hands near her face, but she doesn't really suck on her fingers too much unless she is hungry.
Isn't this outfit cute? Abbie sent us some outfits this week! We love them!

We had two Dr's appointments this week. Monday was the first one and she had gained 4.2 oz just over the weekend. Friday we had another and she was up another 7 oz! Just a few days and she gained half a lb! Dr. Walters couldn't believe it. She walked in and started snorting and said we've got a little porker now! Not quite, seeing as she's just now only 6 lbs, but we're working on it! She has fuller cheeks now and looks healthier.

Little hands....she even clasps them together at times. It's really cute...she's really cute!
And her little feet. She does like to have her legs crossed. Her legs are starting to straighten out now too from being curled up in the womb. She's going to be SO tall, just like her daddy.
Speaking of Daddy...he sure does love his little girl. He's so good. He loves feeding her and walking her out on the deck. We gave her a bottle for the first time last night. It's taking some time for her to get used to it, and she's just not eating much today, but this is going to be so much better for us. Sorry this got so long. I got carried away. Hope you all enjoy the pictures!

Be praying for us too. Things in Guatemala are slowing down right now and we're a little concerned. We want our boy home. When I was still pregnant things seemed to be going so fast. Now that we have our little girl home things seem to be going slower. Maybe it's because we are seeing how much we have already missed of his life, but nonetheless, it's slow. Please be praying that we get a call soon!


Anonymous said...

Boy, I sure do want to get my hands on that beautiful little "Granddaughter"! She is just setting there taking it all in. Beth, it only seems such a short time ago that you were that little. Enjoy each and every second of every day, because before you know it you will be wondering where the time went, both of you. Anyone who says there is no God never opens their eyes. This child is most certainly a child from God. Pawpaw loves you

Anonymous said...

I just want to be able to hold her and kiss her! She is sooooo pretty! I really thought she looked more like Beth at first, but wow- I'm seeing Zach now! Take lots of pictures because you will be amazed at how quickly they change. Keep those photos coming- don't wait so long to give us more! We go crazy not being able to see you all and check the site daily in anticipation! We love you all so much! Delinda


Perfection is living in Alaska. She's just so precious and looks so fragile. I know you are all just loving her to pieces. Bless your entire family. I hope Gabriel is home with you all soon. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! She is just sooooo darn cute. I'm surprised that there aren't any bite marks on her 'cause I know you're just eating her up.

She looks just like Zach's baby pictures in these photos but I'm sure she'll end up looking like a composite of both of you.

Delinda's got it right....more more more

Mary said...

She is so beautiful. Loved the pictures. Let us know if there is anything we can help with!

Amber said...

Lots of love, Beth! She's so pretty! I am happy to see such a great update. You guys are a beautiful family.

Praying for you always!

Angela Fox said...

Miss Donavyn really is a beauty. It's great to see you all doing so well. I've had you in my thoughts and prayers. I've been praying especially hard for Gabriel. HOPE-ing he's home soon...

Love you.


Anonymous said...

My cup runneth over!! How blessed we are...God has blessed us first with three beautiful daughters, then three special sons, and now with SIX wonderful grandchildren. I've been going through photographs and remembering the wonderful feelings you get just looking at your baby and the indescribable sense of love and pride and thankfulness you have. It's so hard not having you close to tell her everyday how much we love her. Thank you God, Beth and Zach for sending Gabriel and Donavyn to us. LOL, Grandma Judy