Saturday, October 06, 2007


That's the word of the day around this house lately. Beth and I have been doing absolutely nothing and enjoying every minute of it!! We're finally settling into a routine and now are just fine tuning it. We're feeding Donavyn about every 2-3 hours and she's started waking up when she's hungry, which is a very good sign because before we were having to wake her up. She was 5 lbs 14 oz when she was born and then went down to 4 lbs 15 oz (all babies lose weight but this is too much!!) We started really feeding her a lot to try to get her weight back up and that really tired us out but she's back up to 5 lbs 5 oz as of her last weight check. We'll go in on Monday to see how much she's gained over the weekend. The only time she really cries is when she gets her diaper changed because she's got a wicked diaper rash right now. Other than that we've been sleeping whenever we can. Beth and I are tag-teaming feedings right now with one of us taking one night feeding and the other taking the other one. That way we both are getting quite a bit of sleep. HOORAY!!!
One more factor to our getting more sleep has been the wonderful friends that have been bringing us dinner every night. Between the Officer's Spouses Association and Coastie Chicks we have been eating like kings and the best part is we aren't having to cook and therefore don't have to clean up afterwards!!! We've made meals before for other people who've had new babies but never realized how much of a help it really is. You have no idea!!


Anonymous said...

She is so pretty! I'm sure you know that though. Marci

Lanie said...

Sounds Good...can't wait to hear how much she weighs today.

Dr. Smith diaper rash cream. it is expensive...but, knocks it out in a day. I think it is the greatest. Other products have the same ingredients, but I have not found anything that works like it does.

So glad that people are taking care of y'all. Wish we could.

She is so beautiful.


Jason and Samantha said...

She is so very very pretty and sweet!! :)

Congrats Again!!