Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's in our hands

FINALLY! We have Gabriel's Visa and passport with us now. Thank you, God! Zach went with Pedro this afternoon to pick up the Visa and got all the paperwork done. He said it went really well and that he was the first one to get called up to the number 7 desk (where they hand out the package and visa). The package consists of a lot of information in a manila envelope that we have to hand over (unopened) to immigration in Houston. If it's opened, Gabriel is stuck and won't go anywhere. Bummer too cause we all know how nosy I am. *snort*

I've got a question: How in the WORLD can a 10 month old boy take up an entire king size bed? I'm telling you. I'm going to have to try and video some of it. The boy moves around more than any child I've ever seen. I think that's why he doesn't like his crib. It constrains him too much. I think he would have slept just fine last night if he hadn't bonked his head on the crib. I think I'm going to leave some comments to the hotel letting them know that for relatively cheap, they can get some nicer crib mattresses (these are about an inch thick) and a better bumper (it's basically two pieces of fabric sewn together). You'd think that since this is a 5 star hotel and most of their business comes from adoptive families that they would spend a little money to make it nicer. However, from the business perspective, I can kind of understand why they don't. They already have the money coming in, so why bother spending more just to make the customers you will already have in any case happier. Oh well. It won't affect us again.

Oh, Donavyn is trying her hardest to turn over. She won't even bother trying to go from her belly to back, but she is SO close to going from back to belly. It's so fun to watch her try to do it. She's making my abs hurt just watching her flex for so long at a time.

We did go back to the Continental desk again to see if there were any open seats before Sunday and we were willing to pay another $200 because that would be cheaper than staying here another two nights. Alas, they did not. Unless of course we wanted to pay the price for first class seats and I'm sure the other passengers in first class wouldn't be too happy with two babies up there too.

Ok, I'm going to go feed Gabriel now. He's getting fussy and had to climb up my leg to get me to pick him up. We love you all!


Becca and Jason said...

WOOOOOOO-HOOOOOO!!!!! (If I could make that bigger, I would). It stinks that you have to wait til Sunday to leave, but that's better than 29 days!!
Now, what's in that stinkin' envelope!??!?!

Love you guys - see you soon (but not soon enough!)
Becca and Jason

Amber said...

Resist temptation. I promise it's not a bunch of papers that say, "we're just torturing Beth". Well, I don't think so, anyhow.


Love y'all! Enjoy your weekend in Guatemala!

Anonymous said...

My goodness, what an adventure you've had! Write it all down so Gabriel can read about it one day. We're so thankful that the worst is both of you relax and enjoy the extra two days. We'll be glad when you're home so we can hear everything!! We've got a million questions at least! Ha. Tell Donavyn it's okay to learn the turning over bit but she has to wait til we get there for any other major milestones! We love you SOOOOO much and will wait anxiously for the next blog entry. Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

hey guys just wanted to let you know you have been in my thoughs and prayers all week.. I'm so happy you were able to get all the paper work you need.. The Package i sent should be there when you get home.. Love to all 4 of you..


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news!!!! I'm so excited for you...what a story Gabriel will have to tell when he is older. ::hugs::

Mary said...


We'll see you soon.

Molly & Jason said...

I'm so happy everything is working out and your family is finally together and complete! You are in my continued prayers for a safe trip home! Enjoy the weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear everything is falling into place. Your all in my prayers for safe travels. I can't wait to meet him.


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you! I know you can't wait to get home, but just relax and enjoy these last couple of days! Sounds like Gabriel is adjusting so far! What do Donavyn and Gabriel think of each other? I can't wait to hear about everything! Love, Delinda