Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Soooooo tired

Why, oh why, does he have to wake up at 5:30 in the morning? Why can't he sleep until 7 or later like his sister? Why do we have to be so tired that we both have colds and can't seem to get rid of them? Oh well....the joys of parenthood. They're worth it.

Gabriel had his intro with the Dr. yesterday and the only thing we need to watch is his weight. He's only 18 lbs 12 oz. He should be closer to 21-23 according to her. Eh, I'm not worried about it though. I think a lot of it is that she's using the American growth scale, not the Central American scale. He's probably just going to be a skinny kid. He's fairly tall though - 31.5".

Donavyn rolled over for the first time yesterday! We're so proud of her. It was really funny. A couple days ago we were playing in their room and she kept trying to roll over and just couldn't get quite over. I told Zach that she was going to do it while we weren't looking. We would put her down, look away and look back and she'd be over. Yup, that's how it happened. Zach went to get more diapers out of the laundry room and I was changing Gabriel and when he came back she had rolled over. She hasn't really enjoyed tummy time lately, but she LOVED it after she had put herself on her tummy.

Donavyn has her 4 month well baby check today. She is getting so big. I'm going to have to put away all of her 3 month clothes now. *frown* I was looking at pictures of Amy's twin boys and remembered Donavyn being that small. I miss it, but I'm also so excited to see how she changes all the time.

Oh, Zach reminded me to share about the acid bath we give Gabriel 3 times a day. Yeah, we're mean parent's aren't we? He LOATHES to have his face washed after he eats and just screams. We use a baby wipe and as soon as he sees me grab it, he starts squirming trying to keep me from getting him. It was really fun this morning since he had oatmeal, yogurt and raspberries. Boy did he love the raspberries! Since he hates it so much we call it his acid bath since that's what it sounds like.

I'll try to get more pics up soon. I'm a little tired and this cold is kicking our butts.


The Culvers of Clearwater said...

Gabriel sounds like he's right on target! Jack was about the same (if not even lighter) - I don't think he hit 20 pounds until he was about 16 months old! Isn't it fun that J and Gabriel have the same birthday?

Hang in there Momma!

Flo said...

I'm so glad that everything is settling in so beautifully, it makes me really happy to hear how much fun you're having with both of them home. If you ever decide to visit the San Francisco area, I'll buy you lots of coffee :) <3

Kodiak Gingrich's said...

I finally ggot smart and checked your I've caught up, how exciting!!! Your family is beautiful. Girl you need to call me and have me help you out...two babies and colds! Remember I've been there and I'm here for you. Call me when you are up for it!