Thursday, December 18, 2008

Donavyn's First Birthday Party

Ok, so it's been almost 3 months, but better late than never, right? We had a great time celebrating our little girl. Nana and Poppa were still here and the Griffin's came over and celebrated with us. There were supposed to be several others, but everyone else was sick, working or out of town. So, we had a family party instead. I can't believe how big she is now! Wait until you see recent pics too. And you will soon, I promise. I'm working on it today.

I made the cake - it's not pretty, but it was my first time decorating. I'm going to try to take a class before the girl who teaches it moves this summer. Hopefully we won't be moving either. We're still waiting on the detailer to tell us we get to stay (hopefully).

Oh! And I made her tutu too! Hee hee...sorry, I had to do it. Seriously though, she and Gabriel still like to play with it.

If there are any you want to print from the slideshow, you can just click on the picture and it will bring up the stillshot and you can print from that. They won't have very good clarity if you print too big though b/c I have them as smaller files on here. If you want them big, let me know and I can email them.

So without further ado, here is the slideshow from Donavyn's first birthday party.


Mary H. said...

Beautiful!! You are so blessed. We miss you guys.

Coastieturtle said...

Wow, time does fly. Happy birthday D. I can't believe how tall she is. I enjoyed looking at all the pics. Hopefully you will get your 1st choice and stay for a few more years.


Summers Family said...

You have to email me the first photo of Miss D! So adorable! You've got some catching up to do on your blog, don't you? Now I want to see LA pix! Love You, Dee