Friday, December 19, 2008

A Princess is Laid to Rest

Today, Hadley Fox is being laid to rest. Many of you have been praying for the Fox family and now I ask that you all continue your prayers - only for comfort and peace. Last Friday, December 12, Hadley was called home to our Lord. She had been in so much pain and discomfort for so long that while we will miss her here on this earth with us, it's a blessing that she is now happy and pain-free. There are no tears in Heaven.

Her story touched us all. While I may have never met Hadley, or any of the Fox family, Angela opened up their story and shared their little girl with the world. They have been an inspiration. They never lost HOPE.

You are all in our prayers. We pray for peace, comfort and the faith that you will one day be together again in eternity. I have no doubt that Hadley is dancing and singing in Heaven today.

Rest in Peace, Princess Hadley. You have touched our hearts more than you could ever imagine.

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Coastieturtle said...

I've been following her story through your blog and have shed many tears. I'm sad but I know that the little princess is finally without pain and with god. What an incredible family...