Saturday, July 21, 2007

Here's what you've been waiting for!!

Here's a link to the rest of our pictures from our Awesome Guatemala Trip!! There are two albums, one from our visit with Gabriel (the first link) and the other is for the vacation portion of our trip. We haven't captioned the second one yet, but Gabriel's has been done. When you click on the link, if you don't have an account with Snapfish, you can either create one or you can skip that part and just click the "View now" button at the top right of the page.


Amber said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! Beautiful, just like I knew they'd be! Thanks so much for the pics! <3 The one of you and him in B&W is gorgeous.

Love you!

Scott and Shana said...

Cutie, Cutie! We can't wait to meet him. Love those big dark eyes.
We miss you guys.
Shana, Scott, and Fam

Anonymous said...

He is so cute!!!!!!!! He is the missing piece to your family! I am so happy for you 2!

Brian/Rebecca said...

Those eyes, that smile...melt my heart! I love the pic of ya'll kissing him. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. You two look like natural parents. What a sweet, sweet baby boy!
Jamie, Ben and Eric

Jason and Samantha said...

OMG Beth! HE's is beautiful!! It looks like you had the most wonderful time, I know it was hard to give ur baby up. :)

3Hendos said...

Beth those pictures are so adorable! I just love the mommy and me pics! Such treasures to have! Keep those pictures of your sweet boy coming!


Sarah (aka Sarah_h)