Friday, May 19, 2006

Doin' the Tennessee Waltz

We made it to Dyer, TN (close to Memphis/Jackson) on Monday evening to visit with Beth's Aunt Linda, cousin Brian and their grumpy old dog Chico. We had a nice visit. It was the first time we've seen them since 2002. It was very odd being there without Butch, Aunt Linda's oldest son. He was killed in a car accident on Feb. 26 of this year. It was very hard on all of us. Zach and I weren't able to make it to the funeral so we wanted to spend a few days with them while we are on this big adventure. Butch was a big burly man with a heart of gold. He was just a big teddy bear. May he rest in peace.

Tuesday was a really lazy day. We didn't get up and out until about 4 p.m. There is a Mennonite grocery in the next town over that we went to and got some goodies. We got some jams and snacks. Everything there is all natural or organic, so we were loving it. Ok, so we're a little crunchy, but that's ok, we're healthier b/c of it! They have GREAT sandwiches. The prices were decent too.

Wednesday we went to Camden, TN where my Grandma Gladys and Daddy Bink lived. It was really wierd to be back there. I haven't been back since Daddy Bink died 11 years ago. We stopped by the cemetary to pay our respects. I got pics of all the gravestones b/c I'm wanting to start our geneology. I think it will be very interesting to see where we come from, ya know? Aunt Clara was a trip! She is 93 yrs. old and just as fiesty as a woman can be. She told me that I got a good lookin' husband and that I better hold on to him or she would snatch him up for herself. lol. too funny.

Next we saw Ms. Wonzie, my grandparents neighbor. She is still so lonely after her friend Ms. Nona died. They lived together since, well, as long as I've been alive. She was surprised to see me and she was remembering things I said when I was a kid that I had forgotten about until she mentioned it.

Aunt Mary (91) was playing in the dirt when we got to her house. Zach says he thinks gardening must be the secret to living so long. Both she and Aunt Clara do a lot of gardening and are GREAT at it. Aunt Mary still has a big garden where she grows corn and tomatos and she takes care of most of it herself. I think she looked like a little tomboy when we got there with her longsleeves and baseball cap on with dirt all over her. She's so cute!

Aunt Chris was last. We almost didn't get to see her, but luckily we waited for a few minutes and Uncle Wilton (Aunt Robbie's husband) drove her up. Aunt Robbie has Alzheimer’s so they were visiting her. She had to take us to the catfish restaurant and wouldn't take no for an answer. She's just as stubborn as ever.

It was great visiting with everyone. I wish we could have spent more time with everyone, but hopefully we'll get to see them again when the CG sends us back to the lower 48. I wish Brian hadn't had to work so much. It would have been nice to spend more time with him, but we're hoping he'll come see us in Kodiak. I think he'd love it!

We're in Seymour, TN now visiting with my sister Delinda, Gregg, Savannah and Conley. I'll update again later with pics and info from our stop here. Sorry if this one got a little "diary-ish". I had to write it out here or I would forget. But it's our blog and we'll write what we want to (to the tune of "it's my party").

Oh!!! Congratulations go out to our friends Kari and Alex! They are expecting their first child and are almost 4 months along! We are SO happy for you! Love you guys!!!

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lanie said...

Did you go through Mississippi when you went to TN?? I have to know if you drove by Grenada, home. I am going there on Monday.

Saying prayers for y'all. You look great. We miss you.