Sunday, May 21, 2006

Seymour Do-mour

We've been in Seymour visiting Beth's sister and her family, including their newest member (Rascal). We've been going non-stop since we've been here. The first day after we arrived we took a trek out to Cades Cove in the Smokey Mountain National Forest. It is absolutly beautiful out there. Cades Cove has a bunch of little picnic areas next to a stream. We brought stuff to grill hamburgers and discovered that Conley (our nephew) is a pyromaniac! He loved throwing stuff in the fire and watching it burn. He was truely facinated by it. But even better we discovered that Beth's sister Delinda is a Tree-Hugger!! Who knew??!?!?

After lunch Zach took a nap down on a log by the creek. It was very relaxing after all the stress of being on the road. Later we took a drive around the Loop Road and our niece Savannah (author of this post's clever title) played puppy as she hung her head out the window searching for all the wildlife we saw. There were deer, wild turkey, and we even heard some people spotted a bear. On our way back to the house we got stuck behind some turkey holding up traffic!! It was so frustrating!!! (appologies for the blurry picture but this turkey was actually running down the road)

The next day we had to take our dog Snowflake to the vet to get her ear checked out. Poor thing had a severe hotspot that was really irritated. The vet was really nice. Her and her business partner are right out of vet school but seem to know what they are doing. We had to knock Snowflake out to shave some of her ear so the medication can get to her skin and she was a little groggy after that. In fact she walked around the house like she had just had a bowl full of vodka. It was really funny but poor thing looks so pathetic with her new cone. After we got our inebriated dog to bed we went to an Arts festival in Gatlinburg, TN.

I think we saw about 10 booths before we got rained out. But walking around Gatlinburg was really fun. We snacked along the way and got to watch a candy maker at work. Then a great dinner at a local restaurant and back home for some more relaxation.

Tomorrow we are back on the road again. Before now we've had an idea of where we were going to be at the end of the night but tomorrow we have no idea. We're just going to drive until we can't drive anymore and see where we end up. Stay tuned to find out!!!

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