Monday, May 08, 2006

North to Alaska

We have decided to start a blog to trace our steps from Florida to Alaska as we make "the big move". Our packers came today and they will come back in the morning to pick up our household goods (HHGs). We will be leaving Tampa on Wednesday morning and travelling to Pensacola to visit Beth's parents for a few days. Where will we be going after that? You'll just have to keep visiting to find out, won't you?

We will arrive via ferry on June 14 in Kodiak. We will be staying in a hotel until the 26th, when we move into our new home (see right - that's the former owner in the door waving). Isn't it beautiful? We are ecstatic. Now we just have to get our house here sold. If you're interested or know someone who is, please send them our way!

We will take turns writing about our adventures to give you all an idea of how we are dealing with the fun. We are really excited about our move and already have a group of friends living in Kodiak who we are looking forward to getting to know better. We will definitely miss all of the friends we have made here and hope that one day our paths will cross again.

If anyone has been looking for an excuse to visit Alaska, you will have a place to stay if you visit Kodiak. We have plenty of room! We love you all!

Please stay tuned to "The Koehler's go to Kodiak!". We'll check in often and will use this once we get there to keep everyone up to date!


TootsieRohl said...

Beth and Zach, I am looking forward to meeting you guys in person!! Hope you have a safe and fun trip. When Kevin and I made the trip last summer, it was the trip of a lifetime!! If you are going through Canada, make sure you go through Banff. It is so worth it!! See you soon - Karen Rohl

Abbie said...

DUDE you didn't show me pics of the new house!!! It's gorgeous... you'll definately be havin' some Culvers to stay!!!!

Have fun in Pensacola and I'll keep checking back here for info on your trip!!!!

lanie said...

Oh, I just cried when I saw you standing in front of your house and the moving truck being there. I miss you and it has only been six days since you left.

I noticed what that other person said about Baniff. If you are going near there...let me know. I have vacationed there and can tell you a couple of GREAT things to see. It is actually one of my favorite places in the world.

Hope all is going well. This blog is great. You are so creative.

Miss you and love you,
Lanie (and Glenn)

Marci said...

Your house is great!!! I am so lazy that I have not taken the 2 secs to drive around the corner to see it!! I also just figured out how to get to your blog! So I am a little slow thats all! It happens to a lot of people who live on an island. Thats my story and I am sticking to it!! If you haven't already, check out my blog, it has a lot of pics of alaska on it. See ya in a few weeks! Marci