Friday, May 12, 2006

Moving Day...5/10/06 (we're a little late on the post)

Moving day, well more like few days, was not really as hectic as we had expected. Pops (Zach's dad) came from WY to help us out, which was really nice. I think it was a nice break for him. Here he is supervising the movers while they are taking our stuff out to the truck.

Suddath moving company is great! If you live in the Tampa Bay area, they would definitely be worth the money. Our team worked really well together and they were very nice too. Very professional. Believe it or not our stuff fills up that entire truck!! I would never have thought that we had that much junk. For those of you in Kodiak get ready for the mother of all yard sales when we get there.

The dogs had to stay in the atrium while they were there for 2 days, and were kinda confused as to why there were strange people packing up and taking our stuff away but they did okay. They were a little anxious when we finally left the driveway for the last time. I think they knew we weren't coming back to this house again. Aren't they cute though? They're our girls!!!

So now this is the last picture from Palm Harbor, Florida. This chapter of our great southern adventure is coming to a close as we packed up everything and headed north. Our next stop will be Pensacola, Florida to see Beth's parents. Stay tuned for more adventures!!

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lanie said...

Hello guys!! Hope your trip is going well. Where are you??

We missed you Monday night. It was sad not having you there.

Praying for you every day. I am going to MS next week to visit my will be in my prayers.